Professional Search and Placement Service for Skilled Facility Management and Support Employees

Finding the best talent and keeping these employees around is one of the most challenging and crucial components of maintaining a successful, productive business. And the larger and more complex your facility is, the less time you’ll have to search for, vet, and train potential candidates. Ultimately, it might make more sense for you to outsource these recruitment services rather than tackle this task in-house. Here at The Budd Group, we have the ability to recruit, vet, hire, and even train skilled employees for a variety of positions in your facility, such as property managers, engineers, electricians, utility service personnel, maintenance technicians, and more. Let’s explore the benefits of outsourcing your professional search and placement services and how we facilitate these programs.

How Search and Placement Services Support Employees

Save Time and Money

In every industry, recruiting efforts make up a large portion of a business’ time and resources. Even with the aid of online hiring sites and tools, it’s not always easy to find the best-suited candidates for a job opening, let alone multiple openings. The time and money you spend in-house searching for these people could be spent on other important processes, such as streamlining production, conducting performance reviews, helping customers, and so on. By relying on The Budd Group to handle these various facility management tasks for you, you gain access to a direct source of only the most qualified candidates, which minimizes liabilities and allows you to focus on other urgent matters.

Get Good Help When You Need it Most

If your facility fluctuates when it comes to filling roles (i.e. part-time vs. full-time, seasonal help, etc.), it pays to partner with a facility management service that deeply understands the nuances of hiring and managing employees in production and manual labor jobs. Whether you need immediate help with part-time maintenance staff job hiring or finding full-time assembly line workers, we provide efficient recruiting solutions for our clients when they need support on short notice. If necessary, we can also manage the employees that we hire for your facility and turnkey special projects and overflow work.

Receive Expert Support for Your Most Skilled Positions

While some facilities will primarily need help finding reliable workers for maintenance and janitorial jobs, others will occasionally need help filling high-skilled positions as well, such as supervisors, engineers, team leaders, administrative managers, utility management personnel, and more. Here at The Budd Group, manufacturing job recruiters deploy targeted search and placement services to fill the demanding roles needed for effective facility management and maintenance.

The Budd Group Process for Filling Key Roles

Every industry and facility is different. Knowing this, our recruitment teams work closely with each and every client to design a customized recruiting solution that suits your needs. More specifically, we will:
  • Get to know your internal culture, needs, and priorities
  • Recruit the most qualified candidates for each open position
  • Process potential candidates through thorough evaluation, fact-checking, reference contacting, etc.
  • Interview top candidates to assess skills, knowledge, experience, aptitude, and overall “fit” with your enterprise
  • Select and/or recommend individuals to hire for particular positions
  • Conduct background checks, drug tests, and onboarding processes as needed
We also offer recruitment consulting services to give you the tools you need to find the best candidates on your own and retain them.

Streamline Your Search and Placement Protocols

Whether you simply need help hiring landscape employees or require a more holistic approach to improving and facility management and recruitment processes, The Budd Group is here to help you find the best people for the right roles. To learn more about our recruitment solutions, consulting services, and facility support offerings, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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