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The Budd Group was founded by Richard Budd in 1963, when he purchased a struggling janitorial supply business and established the foundation for our organization to grow into a dynamic regional facility service corporation. Today, The Budd Group employs over 4,000 service professionals and offers a broad range of facility solutions for corporate customers throughout the Southeast.

Our core strength is our diverse community of professionals who manage and deliver our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although they have varied skill sets and backgrounds they are unified by Richard’s legacy of hard work, integrity and outstanding customer service. You have our commitment to provide great people, who deliver smart services, resulting in loyal customers.

As you get to know us, you will find:

  • We treat others the way we expect to be treated. We are legal, just, honest and ethical in our dealings with all customers, employees and vendors, and we expect the same from them.
  • We listen to our customers to understand their goals and objectives, so that we may help them do what they do best.
  • We integrate technology and innovation into our business for our customers’ benefit.
  • We operate with our customers’ best interests in mind, building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • We care about our employees: occupationally, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • We recognize that everyone is created with certain strengths, gifts and aptitudes, and we provide career opportunities that appropriately match them.
  • We reward and recognize our employees for excellent performance.
  • We believe that to whom much is given, much is expected, and in return, we give our time, talent and treasures back to our communities.

As the leaders of The Budd Group today, we consider ourselves personally accountable for delivering these promises and continuing the legacy that Richard created. To ensure that we are doing so, we and all of our team members spend a significant amount of time with our customers, discussing their needs, making sure that we are meeting those needs and developing ways to add more value.

To our current customers, thank you for choosing The Budd Group as your partner. To our future customers, we look forward to meeting you and to the opportunity to add value to your business.

Thank you,

Joseph R. Budd, CEO

Yasser Youssef, President




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