Janitorial Services in Nashville, TN: Government

Nashville, Tennessee is home to several government facilities, including courthouses, post offices, hospitals, and police departments. This summer, work will begin on a brand new 280,000 square foot U.S. courthouse in Nashville, slated for completion in spring 2021. No matter how big or small, we at The Budd Group know that federal and state facilities must honor the citizens they serve by exemplifying organization and cleanliness. This is why The Budd Group has offered its janitorial services to government facilities for over 50 years.

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Government Office Janitorial Services

The office janitorial services provided by The Budd Group will meet the needs of any government building. In addition to office cleaning and maintenance, The Budd Group also provides landscaping solutions, window cleaning services, and more. We eliminate the need to hire several disparate companies to maintain your buildings and offices.

The Budd Group hires only the most qualified individuals to handle all our operations. Our focus on continuous improvement means you can always rely on our knowledgeable, friendly, and service-oriented staff. Whether it’s floor care programs, material handling, or trash and debris removal, our people can do it all, and do it right.

Not only do we at The Budd Group provide the best cleaning services for your government buildings, we also implement the latest technology to guarantee accountability and streamline workflow. With CleanTelligent, our online customer service program, we can handle everything from tracking work orders to outlining projects and communicating with clients. Just as the citizens of Nashville, TN expect the best from their government facilities, we know you expect the best janitorial services to maintain them properly.

Hospital Janitorial Services

Hospitals are among the most important government buildings. Since these facilities hold sick patients, it’s especially important that they have the best hospital janitorial services to ensure a sanitary environment for patients, nurses, doctors, families, and staff.

The Budd Group is committed to providing the best government hospital cleaners. To keep your facility sanitary and safe, we follow LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and USGBC (United States Green Building Council) standards for greener cleaning solutions.

We work with Diversey in order to certify our people by LEED standards. We’re happy to inform you of the latest in green cleaning solutions and implement them efficiently. For instance, we utilize green sealed chemicals required by the USGBC. These EPA standard chemicals are less toxic, more sustainable, biodegradable, and packaged in recyclable material. By following these protocols, we can also reduce the carbon footprint of your hospital or other government building.

In addition to proper sanitation, hospitals also need the best material handling solutions. The Budd Group also provides these services, helping you safely discard used materials and keep track of everything that comes in and out with detailed documentation.

Whether it’s a town hall, post office, or hospital, The Budd Group will optimize its janitorial services for the needs of each building, office, and situation. We’re always happy to provide new and better solutions for keeping your government buildings clean, safe, and well organized.

If you are interested in janitorial, maintenance, or landscaping services from The Budd Group, we want to hear from you! Reach and connect with your local janitorial service by filling out our online form below or giving us a call at 800-221-8158. We will get your space ready for customers and ready for success. Let us work for you!

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