Cleanroom Cleaning

Cleanroom cleaning is of paramount importance for safe and uncontaminated manufacturing, assembly, and production throughout your facility. When you hire The Budd Group for cleanroom janitorial services, you work with a company trusted by industry leaders to keep every room in their facility clean, sterile, and operating smoothly. 

What Is Included in Cleanroom Cleaning Services?

The Budd Group keeps cleanrooms clean according to your industry health, safety, and compliance standards, including ISO 14644. Our teams can help you prepare for annual inspections and maintain cleanliness and sterilization day to day. Our cleanroom janitorial services include: 

We can also maintain cleanrooms with specialized cleanroom maintenance services. Our plant maintenance services for cleanrooms include:

  • Repairs
  • Locksmithing 
  • Lighting systems 
  • Fire and safety
  • HVAC
  • Healthy building/flu prevention

Along with upholding the highest possible standards of cleanliness, we are committed to preserving valuable natural resources and protecting the environment.  We offer green cleaning for cleanrooms and data centers, so you can have peace of mind, and your workspace can stay healthy and safe. 

Who Benefits from Cleanroom Cleaning Services?

We have provided cleanroom cleaning services across the high-tech and biomedical industries. We also offer janitorial services for data centers, and we are experienced with the techniques necessary to clean and protect highly regulated spaces and equipment. 

Cleanroom Cleaning: The Budd Group Difference

The Budd Group believes in comprehensive, customized janitorial, cleaning, and landscaping services for every client. We can adapt your cleaning and maintenance program to your needs, your industry protocols, and your safety and security standards.  Our teams have the expertise to keep your data center or biomedical cleanroom running smoothly year-round with preventive measures to avoid costly shutdown or service interruption.  We’ll make every effort to ensure the integrity of your product, production processes, and equipment is upheld for best possible results and highest possible customer satisfaction. Talk to us today to learn how we can help you meet and exceed your goals for improved cleanroom upkeep this year.

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