5 Qualities The Budd Group Values When Hiring for Janitorial Positions

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A company is only as strong as its workforce. Without good employees, a business will become stagnant and struggle to survive. That’s why here at The Budd Group, we don’t want to hire just anyone -- we want to hire the very best.  But what does “the best” mean to us? As it turns out, we look for a number of traits in our hires for janitorial jobs and other positions. Let’s outline 5 key qualities we value when hiring for janitorial positions.

1. Hard-Working

First and foremost, we value a strong work ethic. This company was built on the foundations of hard work, passion, and perseverance, so we expect nothing less from our staff members.  Of course, hard work takes on many forms. For instance, one hard-working individual might enjoy the physical component of janitorial work, while another might extend their efforts to health and safety compliance and organization. Whatever their duty or specialty, we want our people to give it their all every time.

2. Reliable

Dependability is an invaluable trait for employees in any industry, especially when it comes to janitorial and maintenance positions. Companies expect their outsourced cleaning provider to be there on time and deliver the best results. So, we need employees that we can count on to get the job done every time. This might mean working odd hours or switching gears at a moment’s notice.

3. Team Player

Individuals can do a lot on their own, but properly maintaining a facility is a multi-faceted effort, often requiring coordination between several people with their own responsibilities. When screening candidates for cleaning jobs, we’re looking for people who don’t just play well with others but actively embrace collaboration. Fostering teamwork increases efficiency, boosts morale, and reinforces accountability within an organization.

4. Strong Communication

Strong teamwork is only possible when staff members can communicate with one another. Communication is also key to improving operations, resolving issues and misunderstandings, ensuring safety, and establishing common goals. When we post janitorial services job openings, we begin examining a candidate’s communication skills as soon as they submit an application.

5. Willingness to Learn and Grow

People outside of the janitorial industry might not realize how many opportunities exist within this field. Those willing to develop into leaders can find themselves in a number of positions that exceed the narrow view of what janitorial careers entail. Someone who starts by cleaning a small office a few days a week might find themselves as the head of a large maintenance crew for an industrial facility years later. Or, a janitorial worker might expand their skills and switch to a landscaping position. We want employees that display this passion for knowledge and drive to develop in all aspects of life.

Do You Have What It Takes?

We can’t overstate the importance of the five qualities listed above. If you’re hardworking, reliable, team-oriented, communicative, and ambitious, The Budd Group might be the place for you. To view our latest job openings, click here. And to learn more about our company, employees, values, and benefits give us a call today at (800) 221-8158!
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