How to Make Your Special Event Unique and Successful

Businesses across industries hold special events for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re planning a grand reopening after a tough year of uncertainty, or maybe you’re seeking to recognize your employees for doing such a great job. Whatever the case, no one wants to feel forced to participate in an event or leave with neutral or negative feelings. Special events should be memorable and worthwhile for everyone involved. At The Budd Group, our event coordination offerings are designed to set your events up for success. Here are some tips for making your special event unique and successful.

Know Your Goal

You can’t host a worthy event without determining what you wish to achieve through it. Is your event meant to market your brand or advertise a new product to customers? Is it a morale-boosting event for staff members? Is it a networking event for business partners and employees? Whatever the case may be, the way you plan and coordinate your event will depend on its nature. Once you’ve figured out the primary aim(s) of your special event, you can set measurable performance goals to assess its success (i.e., ticket sales, post-event engagement, post-event productivity, increase in sales, etc.).

Think of a Theme

Themed events aren’t for everyone or for every occasion, but selecting a theme (even a loose one) can help tie an event together nicely, make it more memorable, and give participants clear direction and easy fodder for conversation. Some common event themes include art-based, camping, street/block party, vintage, futuristic, eco-friendly, holiday-based, cultural-exploration, and much more.

Cater to People’s Various Preferences

It’s not easy to please each and every attendee, but the harder you try, the more successful your event will be. If it’s a catered event, make sure there are ample options for those with all ranges of dietary restrictions and allergic concerns, so no one is left out. As for entertainment, try to provide a variety as well -- not everyone is a fan of DJ music, magic tricks, or karaoke, so the more choices there are, the better. You might also set up games (i.e., trivia, board games, cards, video games, etc.) to help people mingle and bond in their preferred ways.

Include Incentives

Some people might not feel inclined to attend a special event unless there are tangible rewards in play. You can greatly increase turnout and enthusiasm through raffles, auctions, and games that dish out prizes for winners. These incentives should be secondary to the purpose of your event, of course, but they can fit into its theme and aims in various ways. If you’re advertising a new product to customers, for instance, your raffle might give away said product to a few lucky participants.

Prepare Your Facility Accordingly

Lastly, no event is truly successful if it takes place in an unsuitable environment. Not only should you carefully select the venue for your special event -- you must make sure the area and surroundings are clean, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re holding the event on your facility’s premises, you might hire landscape maintenance services to beautify your exterior and green spaces. Facility management specialists can help clear indoor and outdoor spaces for specific events and maximize safety for all attendees. And as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to maintain proper disinfection protocols before, during, and after your event.

Setting Up Your Event for Success

Special events have the power to propel your business forward in so many ways -- The Budd Group is here to help you make them count. To learn more about our event coordination and other facility support services, give us a call today at 800-221-8158.

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