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Maintaining a sanitary workplace is crucial for every type of facility. Different businesses have different needs, and The Budd Group has customized solutions for all entity types. Keeping surfaces clean and disinfected reduces the risk and spread of infectious diseases, increases employee safety, health, and morale, enhances a business’ reputation, and helps facilities comply with various industry standards and regulations. And today, as the entire world works to combat the spread and severity of COVID-19 (coronavirus 2019), proper disinfection is more crucial than ever.

With over 57 years of experience delivering professional disinfection services, The Budd Group has the expertise and resources to help protect facilities from various pathogens and contaminants efficiently and safely.

What’s Included in Our Disinfection Services?

We offer a range of disinfectant solutions, tailor-made for each client’s specific needs and concerns. From preventative maintenance to remediation, we have you covered. Our disinfection services include:

  • An Antimicrobial Barrier: This barrier guards against viruses, bacteria and mold for approximately 3 months. This barrier is applied to high touch point areas and is verified by an ATP meter.
  • Remediation Disinfection and Cleaning: These services are designed to safely disinfect and restore any area(s) that may have been affected by someone suspected or confirmed to have been infected by a given contagious disease. Our remediation program is compliant with CDC regulations, using only disinfectants and techniques approved by this organization.
  • Misting and Electrostatic Spray Disinfection: We offer misting and electrostatic spray disinfection for facilities struggling to disinfect certain hard-to-reach areas and frequently touched surfaces. These techniques involve the use of manual or automatic misting or fogging devices that circulate the entire area of a given room with an environmentally-safe disinfectant.
  • Deep Disinfection: Deep disinfection is perfect for when facilities are temporarily shut down and/or empty, as the methods and products employed may present a short-term health risk to those not wearing the proper PPE (personal protective equipment). Plus, an empty facility ensures that the process doesn’t undergo any interference or setbacks.
  • Disinfection Technicians: Businesses that cannot close their doors or are now re-opening can benefit from having a professional disinfection technician on-site during operational hours. Customers and staff will gain peace of mind knowing that a disinfectant specialist is nearby to properly clean and disinfect touchpoints at regular intervals.

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The Budd Group Difference

Unlike many other disinfection companies out there, The Budd Group doesn’t deliver cookie-cutter infection control solutions. While all of our processes are CDC-compliant and of the highest standard, we understand that every facility is unique. As such, each of our clients receives a customized disinfectant strategy that’s meant to maximize facility health and safety without interfering with normal operations.

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The Budd Group: Disinfection Services

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