Commercial Office Cleaning: How Much Do You Need, and How Often?

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As a facility manager or office manager, you know the importance of commercial office cleaning. But there are two big questions to answer when planning your office cleaning project: how many commercial cleaning services do you need, and how often should cleaning be done? Planning office cleaning projects means hiring a janitorial team that helps you meet your goals for a safe facility, a healthy building, and an inviting workspace. You should be working with a janitorial team that shares your priorities when it comes to office cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance.

Exceed Industry Standards

When providing janitorial services for office buildings and corporate headquarters, your goal is to exceed industry standards for health, safety, and cleanliness. You want to set the pace in a competitive industry for a healthy building, so you should plan major commercial cleaning services ahead of any regular inspections. Many industries we work with conduct annual or semi-annual inspections, and they benefit from working with janitorial teams experienced in rigorous health and safety protocol.

Make Events a Breeze

If your office headquarters frequently hosts events, you know the pressures of event setup and breakdown, logistics, and cleanup.  Working with a janitorial team as a part of corporate event planning means you’re free to focus on entertaining partners and guests, informing conference attendees, and being sure your event makes a great impression.  We recommend your cleaning and maintenance personnel be on-site before, during, and after your event so transitions are seamless and productivity continues uninterrupted.

Day-to-Day Cleanup

If you have a large facility with a lot of high-traffic areas, you know you can’t let cleaning go undone between big events or annual inspections. Day cleaning is an effective way to keep common areas, meeting rooms, restrooms, and break rooms clean.  It’s important to plan for trash removal and pickup, too. If you’re looking to go green, be sure to ask your office janitorial team about any green cleaning or recycling programs they offer. 

Inclement Weather

When the weather outside is frightful, your office building can start to look that way, too. Cleaning during seasons of inclement weather can improve the appearance of everything from landscaping features and flowerbeds to parking lots, entryways, and lobbies.  Your janitorial team should help you maintain curb appeal no matter the weather. This includes year-round landscaping services and proactive office facility maintenance that keeps things running smoothly inside and out. If you live in an area where snow is frequent, be sure your team is on hand for snow and ice removal so accumulation doesn’t damage your building or endanger employee safety. 

Employee Wellness

Your team is the heart of your business. You can’t serve your customers, make your products, or deliver your services without them. The right janitorial team goes beyond keeping your offices tidy and helps you improve employee health and safety.  Flu prevention programs are a great way to minimize the spread of germs and decrease the likelihood of workplace illness. And a cleaner workspace is more likely to improve employee morale and make a great impression on prospective hires and partners. You take pride in your office, and you want it to look great and remain operational no matter how hectic your schedule gets. If you’re looking to expand or upgrade your janitorial services, contact The Budd Group today about a custom cleaning program to meet company goals and exceed customer and client expectations.
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