Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and Ice Removal

Some regions in the U.S. are more susceptible to cold weather conditions than others, but snow can strike just about anywhere during the winter months, sometimes without warning. An excess of snow and ice slows down all of society and can do great harm to businesses and other institutions that can’t afford to temporarily close their doors. Therefore, facilities require reliable, effective snow and ice management solutions to remain operational during these heavy winter conditions. Snow and ice removal are among The Budd Group’s many landscaping and janitorial services.

The Importance of Snow and Ice Removal

A build-up of snow and ice can certainly be an eyesore, but there are additional downsides to this accumulation that highlight why snow removal is so crucial. The biggest issues are accessibility, safety, and cleanliness. 

When heavy snow blocks exits and entryways, customers, guests, and employees may have a hard time getting into the facility. Even if the snow isn’t deep enough to prevent cars from getting into the parking lot, snow can cover up the lines signifying parking spots. This can result in a major loss in available parking spaces and an increase in collisions. 

Additionally, as temperatures lower, snow can freeze into ice, creating slippery conditions that make driving and walking hazardous. Snow plowing services and shoveling services clear away snow right after it falls so it stays out of the way and doesn’t become a hazard. These services will also lay down salt to decrease the snow’s melting point and add friction for safer travel.

Lastly, when left unchecked, snow and ice can make a facility filthy in no time as people track slush and water inside. While janitorial services can clean up these messes, it’s a major strain on resources to clean entryways and nearby areas over and over again throughout the day. This also prevents other areas that need attention from getting cleaned. When snow is kept away from parking lots and walkways, less moisture will be brought into the facility, allowing cleaning personnel to perform their duties as normal.

Reliable Snow Removal When You Require It

At The Budd Group, we understand that closing is not an option for many facilities, so there must be plows and shovels at the ready when snow falls. That’s why our commercial snow plowing services are designed to fit each customer’s needs. We coordinate with plowing and shoveling personnel so there are always professionals available to clear your property in an efficient manner when the time comes. If you don’t want to get stuck this winter, employ The Budd Group’s snow and ice removal services.

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