Event Coordination

Event Coordination

Within their facilities, organizations often conduct meetings, team-building sessions, staff celebrations and other kinds of events for various reasons. While these events can help businesses make important decisions, strengthen company traction and/or show appreciation for their employees, they can also take time to set up and tear down. And depending on how many conferences are scheduled for the same location in a given day, this preparation window might be quite small. This is where The Budd Group’s event coordination services come in handy.

What is Included in Event Coordination?

The terms “event planning” and “event coordination” often get conflated. The former refers to the steps taken to create an event, such as scouting venue locations, sending invitations, contacting sponsors and catering and more. Event coordination, on the other hand, refers to the proper management of an event before, during and after it takes place. In other words, event coordinators take care of an event once it has already been established to make sure everything is in order.

Coordinator duties may vary depending on the specific event and organizational requirements. At the Budd Group, our team will take care of thoroughly cleaning the event area before it takes place, setting up the room with proper seating, tables, technology and other materials, tearing down the room once the event concludes and finally cleaning the area once again to help prepare it for the next event.

Facility-Specific Event Coordination

The Budd Group has decades of experience working with various customers in Nashville, TN, so we know that every customer and every facility is different. This is why we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions for any of our service offerings. Instead, we focus on each customer’s specific needs to ensure optimal event coordination solutions.

In order to provide this customer-centric quality service, we take steps to understand an organization’s internal culture and priorities. We then recruit, train and deploy the best people for the necessary roles after a thorough interview and recommendation process. Doing so allows us to provide each of our customers with the right people to help coordinate events whenever required.

Organizations require competent, high-quality event planning and coordination to further succeed and grow. The Budd Group works hard to ensure that its customers can conduct productive and frictionless events every time.

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