Flu Prevention Programs

Flu Prevention Programs

Illnesses like influenza and common colds can quickly spread from one person to another by touching common surfaces. This transfer of germs is especially rampant in schools and workplaces, where many people are in close contact for several hours a day. According to the CDC, the flu results in a total of 17 million missed workdays each year in the U.S, costing the economy about $7 billion annually.

To keep students, employees, and guests safe and healthy, and to avoid losses in workplace productivity, facilities should invest in flu prevention programs year-round.

Components of Flu Prevention Programs

A flu prevention program should include both tangible actions and educational initiatives to spread awareness about what the flu is, how it’s spread and how it can be prevented. Some aspects of The Budd Group’s flu prevention programs include:

  • Specialized cleaning and disinfecting of cafeteria kitchens
  • Disinfecting of desktops, water fountains and elevators
  • Disinfecting of buses, fleet autos or other shared vehicles
  • Specialized cleaning and disinfecting of break rooms, conference rooms, fitness facilities, vending machines and other communal spaces

The Budd Group will carefully examine a facility and take note of its most commonly used and shared spaces and surfaces. Our team will also make suggestions that in-house staff members can act upon each day, such as wiping down surfaces and providing hand sanitizer stations in key areas. We may also make educational recommendations, urging facilities to encourage people to get vaccinated, wash their hands before and after eating or using the restroom and stay home at the first signs of illness.

The more people know about the flu and how to best avoid getting it or spreading it, the safer and more productive a school or workplace will be. Every facility is different, so The Budd Group will make recommendations and take action based on the unique challenges and requirements of a given institution.

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