Customer Care in Facility Management - How Is Your Vendor Representing You?

When it comes to maintaining your facility, a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t cut it. Though automation has taken over virtually every sector, the best facility management still relies on quality customer care delivered by passionate people. When seeking a vendor for your facility’s various needs, then, you must consider numerous factors that really get to the heart of a given vendor’s values. Competence and cost efficiency matter greatly, but these attributes aren’t enough on their own to provide your business with the attention it deserves. Indeed, the quality of customer care in facility management can make or break the whole deal. Here are some specific considerations to make when looking for a new facility support vendor or auditing your current one.

Considerations to Make When Looking for a New Facility Support Vendor

Do They Put the Customer First?

This may seem like an obvious prerequisite, but not every facility management vendor truly prioritizes the needs of their customers -- some simply don’t have the resources or bandwidth to do so. Ideally, those in charge of facilities make a concerted effort to understand the business’ needs, challenges, goals, boundaries, brand requirements, scheduling demands, and more. In doing so, facility management vendors develop a close relationship with their customers, becoming an integral part of their operations rather than a disconnected, outsourced provider. The best facility maintenance services depend on this close partnership, as those who become familiar with facilities find better, more cost-effective ways to care for them over time -- this is the essence of putting the customer first.

Do They Offer a Wide Range of Services?

Every business will have different needs when seeking facility management services. If a vendor cannot accommodate all of these requirements, they become less valuable. Conversely, facility management vendors capable of overseeing a vast array of service offerings are in a better position to serve their customers across several industries. Rather than hire separate contractors for landscaping, janitorial work, commercial cleaning, periodic maintenance, etc., it’s more practical and cost-effective to partner with a provider that can handle it all. Ultimately, comprehensive facility management vendors allow for more streamlined operations.

Are They There for You When You Need Them?

This consideration ties back to the previous two (putting the customer first, providing the right services), but it’s more specifically directed at a vendor’s reliability and communication skills. It’s just as important to partner with a vendor who delivers regular, consistent services as one who can fill positions at your time of need on short notice. Should you require additional staffing at a given point, would your vendor be able to fulfill key roles and/or help you recruit the best people to hire? At The Budd Group, our facilities support services include recruitment, hiring, consulting, search & placement, and training for a whole host of short-term and permanent positions. Working with a vendor who can act as the intermediary between your business and the best employees will save you time, money, and hassle over the long term.

Do They Serve the Broader Community?

What’s good for the community is ultimately good for your enterprise. A stronger local economy benefits your business, and getting more involved in your region serves to boost your brand, too -- plus, it just feels good to give back. However strong your current connection to your community may be, it could always be stronger. Working with a community-focused facility management vendor like The Budd Group can help you form stronger ties to the people and organizations in your backyard. Moreover, vendors that make a concerted effort to improve their communities reveal their values. These positive values carry over to other aspects of their operations. In other words, just as we at The Budd Group care for those in our community, we provide the same level of care for our customers -- for us, it’s all one and the same.

Do They Guarantee Quality?

Last but certainly not least, the vendor you choose to work with should stand by their work day in and day out. Over time, the results will speak for themselves. In the beginning, however, it helps to hear directly from your vendor that they will honor their promises and always do what they can to make things right. At The Budd Group, we have a mantra, which we call our Make It Right Guarantee: “Do what you say you’re going to do.” This simple philosophy is at the heart of our guarantee to every customer we serve. We will meet or exceed your expectations in the delivery of high-quality facility support solutions. If we do not deliver the contracted services to your satisfaction, we will Make It Right. You should expect no less from the facility management specialists you hire, and no less from us.

Customer Care: The Budd Group Difference

Just about every facility management company will claim to care for its customers, but only some of them can actually back up this claim. The Budd Group is proud to have been serving its customers and community for nearly 60 years. The legacy and growth of our company is a testament to our ongoing commitment to our mission, values, clients, and communities. If you don’t feel properly represented by your current facility management provider or you’re looking to team up with a customer-centric, comprehensive, reliable, community-driven, accountable company, look no further than The Budd Group.

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