Why Maintenance Technician Outsourcing May Be Right for Your Facility

Facilities rely on adept, regular maintenance to remain safe, efficient, and valuable. Every area and component must be accounted for in these efforts. Failing to keep up with maintenance tasks will eventually result in inefficient operations, compliance failures, costly repairs, and other liabilities. The challenge for businesses across all industries is hiring and training reliable maintenance workers for their specific needs. Handling all of this in-house can become yet another burden on your business, especially if you lack experience in this area. It’s no wonder, then, that more and more organizations are turning to dedicated maintenance technicians for their various needs.

Let’s explore the many reasons to consider outsourcing your facility maintenance services and what may be included in these programs.

Why Outsource Your Facility Maintenance Services?

A given enterprise can only specialize in so many things. Retail businesses, for instance, must direct their attention on matters such as inventory management, point-of-sale system efficiency, customer service, and so on. While proper building maintenance is essential for said retail business, on the whole, those in charge of the business and/or the property won’t necessarily know the ins and outs of these specific matters. If you want the best maintenance outcomes for your facility, then you need to work with the best maintenance technicians, which means working with a company that focuses on cleaning, repair work, and more.

In addition to the experience and reliability factors, outsourcing your maintenance services ultimately saves your business money in the long run. Sure, it often costs more upfront to hire an outside provider for your maintenance needs than it does to internalize retail maintenance jobs -- however, the superior resources, focus, efficiency, and skill afforded by professional maintenance technicians reduces downtime, deterioration, and other concerns over the long-term. Your business’ reputation will also benefit from maintenance technician outsourcing since you’ll operate with more efficiency and focus while also offering a consistently safer and cleaner environment for all occupants.

Industries That Benefit the Most from Maintenance Outsourcing

As mentioned earlier, every business stands to benefit from maintenance technician outsourcing, so long as they work with the right provider and develop an optimized strategy. That said, some industries can benefit from outsourcing their maintenance services to a greater degree than others. Today, there’s an increased interest in maintenance technician outsourcing from property managers in the retail, hospitality, and multi-family sectors -- with enough consideration, the reasons for this become self-evident.

Most of us are familiar with the prevalence of hospitality cleaning services, but each of these industries is heavily customer-facing, meaning they must consistently provide customers/guests/tenants with clean, functional facilities to remain commercially viable. If condominium maintenance falls by the wayside, you’ll have a hard time retaining residents and attracting new ones, which spells doom for your multi-family business. Moreover, the retail, hospitality, and multi-family industries all feature heavy foot traffic, which creates an inherent need for regular and thorough maintenance (more activity equals more wear and tear as well as increased risk of incidents).

What’s Included in a Comprehensive Maintenance Program?

If you’re still on the fence about the benefits of maintenance technician outsourcing, it’s worth considering just how much a comprehensive maintenance plan covers for your facility. While every maintenance contractor is different, the best providers (such as The Budd Group) offer the following under their maintenance plan umbrella:

  • Bathroom restoration

  • Building interiors

  • Carpentry

  • Carpet repair

  • Ceiling repair

  • Central plant operations

  • Condominium custodial and maintenance

  • Doors and locks

  • Electrical

  • Elevators

  • Fire and safety systems

  • Flooring

  • General maintenance and repair

  • HVAC systems

  • Lighting systems

  • Locksmith

  • Painting and drywall

  • Plumbing

  • Relamping

  • Roofing

  • Signage

  • Stone surface care

  • Wallpapering

  • Water damage restoration

  • ...and more

With such a vast scope of services covered, you can rest assured that every part of your facility is properly cared for when you outsource your maintenance services using a reliable, full-service provider like The Budd Group.

The Budd Group Difference

At The Budd Group, not only do we provide comprehensive maintenance programs for a wide range of industries by highly qualified technicians -- we also offer professional search and placement services for skilled facility management and support employees. Simply put, we act as an intermediary between your business and those looking to fill maintenance jobs, taking the time to screen and train the best candidates to support your facility’s needs. By removing the stress of maintenance technician job hiring, we allow our clients to continue doing what they do best while ensuring they receive the most qualified maintenance practitioners when they’re most needed.

Whether you’re moving to a new, larger facility, entering the busy season for your business, or simply looking to double your maintenance efforts, it pays to have a partner like The Budd Group in your corner. Our philosophy is simple and based on the words of our founder, Richard Budd: “Do what you say you’re going to do.” We call this our Make it Right Guarantee, and we adhere to it for each and every project we take on. Whether you work with us for our maintenance expertise or our efficient recruitment, training, and facility support offerings, we will make sure your outsourcing efforts yield the best results for your business.

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