What Are the Most Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines?

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Professional commercial carpet cleaning services rely on heavy-duty machinery to deeply clean carpets of all kinds. While certain equipment might not be necessary for a particular job, they all play an important role over a commercial carpet’s lifespan. Let’s outline some of the most effective and essential commercial carpet cleaning machines used by professionals.

Commercial Carpet Extractors

As its name suggests, a commercial carpet extractor powerfully removes dirt, debris, stains, moisture, and anything else that doesn’t belong from the carpet. There are many types of extractors available (i.e., rotary, portable, battery-powered, etc.), but they all incorporate the same processes. First, the device sprays the carpet with water and cleaning solution. Then, a suction head (sometimes along with a brush attachment) runs over the sprayed area, extracting unwanted materials from the carpet. The collected dirty water is stored in a tank separated from the clean water dispensary.

Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaners

A commercial carpet steam cleaner is technically a type of extractor. What makes steam cleaning special, however, is the use of extremely hot water (hence, steam). These machines often don’t need to employ suction, as scalding steam is enough to loosen dirt as well as kill bacteria, mites, and potential allergens -- and because the water is vaporized, the drying process occurs quickly. Steam cleaning may be performed as a preliminary round of cleaning for heavily soiled areas of carpeting. If this is the case, it’s recommended to steam clean the portion in question and then quickly wipe the soiled area with a heavy-duty cloth before the moisture dries completely.

Carpet Spotters

Another type of commercial carpet extractor, carpet spotters, are relatively small (usually featuring tanks between 1-3 gallons in volume). Like other extractors, spotters may deliver cold or hot water. Because these devices are highly portable, they’re meant to handle isolated stains and spills. Having a functional spotter at the ready is essential for keeping a clean commercial carpet, as certain materials can quickly stain your carpeting if not dealt with in a timely fashion.

Dry Vacuums

A simple but efficient vacuum is also crucial for regular commercial carpet care. Though lacking the wet components and other bells and whistles offered by extractors, dry vacuums rely on the power of suction to easily pick up dust and loose dry debris such as crumbs, paper shavings, insect carcasses, and more. Depending on the size of your carpet and level of activity in your facility, vacuuming should occur anywhere from once a day to once a week or somewhere in between. Keeping up with regular dry vacuuming will minimize the amount of commercial carpet maintenance and deep cleaning required to keep your carpets in great shape.

Equip Your Facility for Competent Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There’s plenty of overlap between different types of commercial carpet cleaning equipment. Professional commercial carpet cleaners know the nuances between different machine types, models, and manufacturers, so they’re always able to deliver the proper care for your particular commercial carpeting. At The Budd Group, our floor care experts aren’t just well-equipped -- they’re also well-versed in using said equipment.

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