Top Tips for Commercial Floor Care Projects This Summer

Taking care of your floors is a year-round effort. Every season brings forth its own threats to commercial flooring, whether it’s winter snow, autumn leaves, spring mud, or summer heat and humidity. Indeed, the way you go about commercial floor maintenance should shift with the seasons in some ways, and adaptation is key. Let’s go over some key tips for proper commercial floor care projects this summer.

How to Take Care of a Commercial Floor

Be Proactive

If you want to minimize the amount of floor maintenance you spend time and resources on this summer, it pays to prepare your floors for various summer threats well in advance. Humidity levels tend to reach their peak around this time of year, causing certain types of flooring (such as wood) to expand. Ensuring that your internal climate systems are functioning properly will help keep indoor humidity levels at an even keel. It might also help to install dehumidifiers in particularly damp areas. Intense sunlight is another summer staple and can cause your floors to fade and warp if exposed for too long. Installing energy-efficient windows and shades/curtains will protect your floors from UV exposure. Commercial flooring contractors can also coat your floors with protective layers that shield the substrate from moisture, sunlight, dust, and other threats.

Sweep Floors Daily

Regular maintenance is key for keeping your floors beautiful and in great shape all summer long and beyond. Hardwood floors should be swept and mopped at least once a day to get rid of any dust and debris that have built up. If your commercial facility sees more foot traffic during summer, you might increase these building maintenance efforts and sweep/mop your floors twice daily or even more.

Vacuum Carpets at Least Twice a Week

Commercial carpet care is just as important as caring for your hard floors, though you’ll have to approach this type of maintenance differently. Rather than sweep your carpeted floors, you’ll want to thoroughly vacuum them at least two times a week. Ideally, you’ll vacuum your carpets once a day, especially if things are particularly busy during the summer. Doing so will prevent dust, dirt, and bacteria from burrowing deeper and deeper into your carpeting (which in turn can reduce internal air quality).

Tackle Spot Cleaning Quickly

When things spill, the sooner you resolve the issue, the better. The bigger your facility is, however, the more difficult it is to take care of these problems in a timely manner. Hiring commercial floor cleaning services to keep an eye on your floors throughout the day is a great way to ensure that accidents don’t turn into severe long-term problems or safety hazards. If you can’t afford to hire dedicated floor cleaning services, train employees in proper spot cleaning protocols so someone can always answer the call when needed.

Perform Periodic Deep Cleaning

Regular floor maintenance will keep your facility’s flooring looking fresh and prevent major issues from occurring. That said, even the most rigorous daily schedule can’t account for every issue your floors may face. In order to give your flooring a fresh start before and after summer, you’ll want to have professionals perform a deeper clean throughout your facility. Carpeting should be steam cleaned and shampooed, tiles and grout should be restored if necessary, vinyl floors should be stripped and waxed and/or burnished/buffed, concrete should be coated and/or polished -- the list goes on.

Schedule Floor Repair Projects Strategically

Should your floors require repair or replacement this summer, work with a contractor that can operate with your schedule. Summer is often busy for various businesses, so floor repair projects can be obstructive and difficult to pull off. With proper planning and the right crew, however, you can have your floors looking good as new in no time without interfering with your employees or customers.

Tackling Commercial Floor Care This Summer

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