Whether it’s sparkling or smudged with dirt, customers, visitors, guests, and clients notice the cleanliness of your floor right away. With floor care services from The Budd Group, floor cleaning gets done with the highest commitment to health, safety, and satisfaction.

Why fall behind in keeping floors clean when they can be maintained daily as part of a more welcoming space?

No matter your facility type, size, or industry, we’re eager to work with you to develop a floor care plan that meets your standards for excellent facility maintenance.  

What Is Included in Floor Care Services?

The Budd Group teams are experienced in all types of floor cleaning and maintenance for flooring surfaces including:

  • Carpet
  • Concrete
  • Epoxy
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo

Whether your floors need delicate or heavy-duty cleaning, we keep every room looking great.

We’re also equipped to handle the problems that can plague otherwise clean flooring. We can deep-clean carpets, strip or wax epoxy surfaces, and restore tile and grout to their original luster. Our proactive approach to floor cleaning and maintenance means you’re more likely to avoid unexpected, costly flooring repair and replacement.

Every floor is different, and we can customize your floor care for any surface, in any room. Your flooring services may include:

Who Benefits from Floor Care Services?

We’re experienced cleaning floors for facilities of any type and size, including:

A cleaner floor shows attention to detail and concern for the health of customers, staff, and visitors, as well as their safety and satisfaction. The Budd Group is dedicated to helping you realize those goals.

Floor Care Services: The Budd Group Difference

While we do sweep, mop, and clean, your facility floor care plan is much more than daily upkeep.

Your customized floor care plan seamlessly integrates with existing operations strategy so your business runs smoothly and your floors look great, without interrupting workflow or disrupting customer service.

When you hire The Budd Group, your floor cleaning is always environmentally friendly, thanks to our green cleaning services and solutions. We also keep your building healthier with wellness programs and flu prevention strategies that include how we treat your floor.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your facility’s flooring. Call The Budd Group today, and keep your floors cleaner.

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