Keeping Windows Clean After Construction and Repairs

Clean windows are crucial to your building’s overall appearance, integrity, and energy efficiency. When it’s time to conduct those much-needed renovations, your windows can quickly become coated with debris. Taking certain proactive measures such as covering windows prior to construction can help reduce these issues. Still, you’re bound to have some cleaning to do once the dust settles, so to speak. Before you hire just any interior or exterior window cleaning services, however, note that post-construction window washing presents unique challenges that require the proper experience and equipment. With that in mind, let’s go over the right way to keep your windows clean after construction and repairs.

What to Know About Construction Cleanup and Windows

Challenges with Post-Construction Cleanup

First, we’ll explore what makes post-construction window cleaning different from run-of-the-mill window washing. Simply put, many renovations (i.e., drywall repair, sanding, trim repair/replacement, etc.) produce significant amounts of dust and debris in a short span of time. This material can easily cling to your windows, especially if the work is being done close to them. While your windows accumulate some amount of dirt and dust day in and day out, this amount pales in comparison to what they may face during construction or repairs. Moreover, since this debris is often made up of materials like wood and drywall, it’s denser and rougher than standard dust. As such, simply trying to remove it via conventional methods such as wiping your windows with a cloth can end up scratching the glass and leaving streaks. Other materials such as paint and caulk may also end up on your windows, requiring more powerful and specific methods for proper removal.

Tools You’ll Need for Proper Window Washing After Construction

Whether you hire commercial window cleaning services or tackle this project yourself, whoever’s in charge of cleaning must not only understand the difference between standard and post-construction window washing but also come equipped with the right tools. The most important items here include:

  • High-quality wet-dry shop vacuum for fast and safe dust pick-up

  • Thick, soft shop rags that won’t scratch glass

  • Two-sided squeegee meant for glass surfaces (rubber on one side and cloth on the other)

  • Glass scraper for removing paint and other stubborn debris

  • Sturdy squirt bottle filled with regular water

  • Industry standard glass cleaner

  • Pages of newspaper

The Post-Construction Window Cleaning Process

Now let’s go over the step-by-step process for cleaning your windows after a construction or repair project.

Tackle the initial construction debris removal with your shop vac, picking up loose dust and debris on the glass itself as well as nearby trim, frames, walls, siding, etc., making sure to not allow the hose to touch these surfaces directly. Next, apply some glass cleaner to any stubborn residue on your window surfaces and gently remove it with your scraper -- hold the scraper parallel to the surface as you go to avoid knocking or scratching it. From here, spray the window you’re cleaning with water so it’s nice and damp, as this will facilitate the next stage of cleaning. Then, squeegee the water and loosened residue with the rubber side of this tool. Use the rag side of the squeegee to tackle any spots that won’t otherwise budge. Repeat this spray/squeegee process until the remaining stubborn debris has been cleared away. Finally, apply your glass cleaner to your windows one last time and wipe with crumpled newspaper rather than rags to minimize streaks after the fact (newspaper doesn’t absorb the cleaning solution).

Keeping Your Windows Clean for the Long Term

The post-construction window cleaning process tends to be more intensive than typical professional window cleaning. Once complete, however, you can’t lose sight of regular window maintenance, which involves weekly/bi-weekly washing and periodic deep cleaning both inside and outside your building. If you’re concerned about keeping up with this maintenance, it’s crucial to find the best window washing company near you. At The Budd Group, we tackle all aspects of facility maintenance and cleaning, including interior and exterior window cleaning.

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