Window and Wall Cleaning

Window and Wall Cleaning

When outsourcing janitorial services for your building, you want to partner up with a company that offers more than the bare minimum. Sure, keeping your restrooms and floors clean is paramount to maintaining your reputation and facility. But what about the less obvious parts of your workplace? Your windows and walls might need more attention than you think.


Not to worry, The Budd Group offers window and wall cleaning services in our janitorial services package.


Window Washing Inside and Out

Window washing might seem simple on the surface, but getting the job done right requires the proper tools (squeegees, scrubbers, rags, proper detergent, etc.) and technique. Otherwise, you’ll likely be left with smudges, soap stains, and fingerprints.


Because window panes are transparent, any stains, smudges, or marks on one side can be seen on the other. That’s why window cleaning services must tackle both interior and exterior panes. While the same tools and methods are used to clean both sides, washing exterior panes often requires more effort than cleaning interior ones, especially for taller buildings. On the inside, contractors have plenty of footing to wash windows on even the highest floors. But outside the building, cleaners must employ ladders, portable davits, safety ropes, suction cups, and more to safely access every window.


Beyond cleaning the glass, commercial window cleaning also involves maintaining the frame, trim, rails, and other components.


Maintaining Your Paint Job With Regular Wall Cleaning

Keeping your walls clean is a key component in building maintenance. Neglecting your walls doesn’t just leave them susceptible to dirt, dust, and scuff marks, but also shortens the lifespan of their paint job. 


At The Budd Group, we use high-quality and environmentally-friendly wall cleaning agents to maintain the air quality of your interior and keep your employees safe. We also make sure that the chemicals we use are right for the type of paint we’ll be scrubbing, as some abrasive detergents can actually remove paint from the wall. Cleaning your walls regularly will keep your paint job looking fresh longer, reducing the frequency with which you need to repaint them.


The Budd Group works closely with all of our clients to establish a window and wall cleaning routine that fits their schedules and meets their needs. Allow our reliable team to maintain your entire facility inside and out.

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