How Waste and Recycling Services Help Companies Transform Their Workplace

When work piles up, deadlines loom, and the weekend lies just around the corner, the last thing we think about is the waste we produce. We hardly want to think about what to eat for lunch, let alone how to dispose of its wrapper or container. Nevertheless, proper recycling and waste management can truly transform a company in a few key ways. Let’s examine how.

A Cleaner, Better Place to Work

We all work harder and better in a clean environment. A messy workplace is distracting, sometimes smelly, and maybe even unsanitary. Companies often rely on waste removal to pick up the week’s worth of garbage and remove it from the premises. This is necessary for keeping the office clean, but it’s only part of the picture. Employees should be more conscious of how much waste they’re producing. For instance, if you bring lunch from home, is it in a reusable container or something you plan to throw away after you’re finished? If the latter is the case, consider how that extra waste will pile up over time. The office will produce more waste overall, filling the building with excess trash and potential health hazards, and creating more work for its garbage pickup service. In other words, the whole work environment benefits from less waste.

Commitment to the Environment

Companies that participate in recycling programs benefit in a couple of ways. For one thing, staff members can feel better about their impact on the environment. Even something as small as this can boost overall office morale. This commitment to the environment goes beyond the workplace, however. Customers and customers might take notice of your office recycling program and your business can boast that it’s doing what it can to reduce its waste and carbon footprint. In a society that’s paying more and more attention to these things, every company’s reputation will benefit from this commitment. This isn’t to say that companies should simply pay lip service to going green, of course. They should truly find ways to cut down on waste, recycle more material, and incentivize this behavior.

Empower Employees

From bottles and cans to paper and several types of plastic, a lot of what we throw away each day is actually recyclable. Some of this has to do with laziness, but a lot of it is due to ignorance. We simply aren’t sure what items should be tossed in what bin, or why. In truth, most people would commit themselves more to recycling if they only had this knowledge and the proper resources. We like knowing what to do with clear instruction. A company can consult recycling services to give advice and teach staff members what items should be tossed, recycled, or composted. Then the company can assign specific bins for each type of material. Employees will feel empowered to make these decisions and feel better about making them. The Budd Group offers consulting services for several types of facility programs and services, including waste and recycling management. We can help your company commit itself to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly atmosphere. Give us a call at 800-221-8158 or send us an email at today!

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