Best Types of Floor Care Maintenance for Your Facility

No matter the particular differences between one facility and the next, every building must maintain sturdy floors to remain operational and safe for all personnel, customers, and guests. Indeed, floor care maintenance is one of the most foundational parts of any building maintenance strategy. The exact maintenance plan you establish for your floors will depend on several factors such as your facility type and size, flooring material, available budget and resources, and so on. To keep things simple, let’s outline the best types of floor care maintenance for your facility in terms of their frequency and nature.

Best Types of Commercial Floor Care Maintenance

Daily Cleaning

Your facility’s floors should be cleaned at least once a day to clear away dust, dirt, debris, and other materials that may have ended up on their surface. For the most part, your in-house or outsourced commercial janitorial services can tackle these daily tasks, including spot cleaning, sweeping, wet mopping, vacuuming, and any other regular floor cleaning tasks that apply to the floor type in question. If your facility is relatively small and doesn’t experience that much foot traffic, you might be okay spreading out these daily duties to once or twice weekly instead. The exact floor cleaning schedule and checklist you enforce is contingent on your facility’s specific needs.

Periodic Care/Preventative Maintenance

In addition to these daily and/or weekly cleaning tasks, all flooring types also require more intensive care on a less frequent basis. Periodic flooring maintenance is meant to prolong the floor’s lifespan and enhance its appearance by going deeper and addressing any issues that regular cleaning tasks cannot. This preventative maintenance includes tasks such as steam cleaning carpeted flooring, burnishing/buffing, deep scrubbing and/or refinishing, stripping and waxing, tile and grout repair, general deep cleaning, and more -- a standard commercial floor cleaner may not be able to perform some or any of these more specialized tasks. To ensure that your floors receive the optimal periodic care they deserve, it’s best to hire commercial floor cleaning services. These professionals will come equipped with the experience and resources required to keep your floors in great shape at given intervals (e.g., quarterly, twice a year, annually, etc.).

Complete Floor Restoration or Replacement

Even the best facility maintenance companies can’t keep an existing floor alive forever. Eventually, more aggressive action will be needed beyond periodic maintenance to ensure that your facility’s flooring is functional, safe, and appealing. Floor restoration refers to processes that repair severely worn and damaged floors before installing new components and/or replacing the floor entirely. While these measures aren’t needed all that often, facilities that have neglected daily and/or periodic floor maintenance may find themselves in need of floor restoration or replacement services some years after the initial installation of their flooring. Unforeseen circumstances such as shifts in the earth, natural disasters, and serious accidents (e.g., major impact from machinery) can accelerate a facility’s need for floor repair, restoration, and replacement as well.

Doing What’s Best for Your Facility Flooring

The cleaning solutions and equipment you use for your flooring might not be the same that another business uses for theirs. That said, every facility should invest in regular, periodic, and restorative floor care maintenance services to maximize safety and efficiency. At The Budd Group, our customizable floor care programs include every type and level of floor maintenance imaginable. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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