Best Janitorial Service: How to Select a Partner for Great Service

Your business can’t be its very best without the very best janitorial service at its side. Therefore, choosing a provider is a major decision for your operation. Let’s outline how to select a janitorial partner for great service.

Look for Local Providers

The partner you select must be reliable. Local companies have a leg up in this regard because they can respond to your needs more quickly. Additionally, janitorial providers in your area may offer more competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. And, because local businesses are closely tied to their community, they must work extra hard to uphold their reputation.

Read Online Reviews

These days, it’s easier than ever to find out what others think about a given business. Reading reviews from various online sources is a great way to begin your search for the best janitorial companies in your area. Make sure you peruse a range of reviews, from negative to positive, and see if the company has taken the time to respond to feedback as this indicates active accountability and a commitment to continuous improvement. No business will please every client every time, but you want to hire a partner that at least tries their very best.

Check Their Credentials

Once you’ve found a handful of reputable local janitorial services, it’s time to start looking into their qualifications. Companies that boast several credentials convey their authority, accountability, and passion. Can they deliver green cleaning solutions? What are their training requirements? Which agencies are they partnered with? The more certifications they have, the better, as long as those certifications are legitimate, relevant, and up to date. Some credentials and memberships to look for include:
  • LEED
  • NSA
  • APPA

Make Sure They Have Experience in Your Industry

The best janitorial services for one business may not be the best for another if they’re not equipped to maintain a certain type of facility or abide by specific industry standards. If you run a healthcare institution, for instance, you must seek a janitorial partner that’s properly qualified to abide by various regulations. In other words, the best partner for you is one that knows your industry well, and that’s willing to learn the ins and outs of your unique operation.

Ask Questions!

After digging into a company’s public info, you might still lack answers to questions that matter to your business. Even if you’re pretty sold on a given candidate, it’s worth calling them or setting up a meeting to get to know them better. Communication is the most important aspect of any partnership, after all. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions and take the time to get on the same page. Quality janitorial services will be happy to deliver answers as well as ask you questions in order to deliver the best results. The success of your business in no small part depends on the quality of its janitorial services. Hire a local, reputable, experienced, communicative provider that knows your industry. If any company fits that bill, it’s The Budd Group. We offer customized janitorial, maintenance, and facility support solutions to clients in every industry. To learn more about our services, our experience, our people, and our mission, give us a call today at (800) 221-8158!

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