Workplace Safety: 5 Ways to Show Employees You Care

In any line of work, productivity is essential but safety is paramount. Without proper safety protocols, businesses put their entire operation and, more importantly, their people at risk. It goes without saying that these outcomes are bad for business, not to mention they’re bad in their own right. Moreover, employees do their best work in an environment that encourages safety at all times. Therefore, businesses that exemplify their commitment to employee safety tend to be the most successful. And as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, this commitment to safety (and health) has only grown in importance.

With all this in mind, here are five integral ways to show employees you truly care about their safety.

  1. It All Starts with Training

Safety training is a requirement in many industries as dictated by entities like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and others. And while your business should be concerned with complying to these mandatory standards, your training should go above and beyond the bare minimum that is required. If you want to convey to your people that you are a safety-focused company, your training regimens must reflect it. All employees should receive frequent and up-to-date safety training regardless of their position (of course, more specific training modules will be necessary for certain positions, i.e. for janitorial services). Today, for instance, all employees should be well-versed in COVID-19 mitigation and disinfection practices.

  1. Listen and Act Upon Employee Concerns

Generally speaking, one of the best ways to express how much you care for someone else is to listen. If you want to show your people that you care for their safety, you have to listen to their concerns, fears, questions, and ideas. Then, you must act accordingly so everyone feels comfortable and safe in the workplace. For instance, if a handful of employees have reservations about returning to work during this pandemic, you might inform them that you will invest in a coronavirus deep clean service prior to their return. Employees who worry about being too close to others will appreciate your efforts to implement social distancing and enforce mask-wearing, etc. When employees feel heard, they will recognize that you care.

  1. Invest in Quality Equipment

Maintaining employee safety also depends on providing them with the best equipment for their needs. In some industries, this equipment might include sturdy ladders, durable gloves, comfortable chairs -- the list goes on. Today, all businesses should offer proper supplies for disinfection and preventing the spread of infectious diseases (i.e. personal protective equipment). The better and more accessible the equipment, the safer and more comfortable your people will be.

  1. Get Organized

Believe it or not, safety has a lot to do with organization. Cluttered spaces are inherently hazardous due to lack of visibility. Additionally, if employees cannot easily locate a specific item or said item is out of reach, they might end up getting injured. If you want to create a safer workplace, then get organized. Carefully document workplace tasks and actions (including injuries and accidents of all levels), clearly label all areas and items, offer clear instructions for using certain tools and equipment, etc. A clean and clear workplace is a safe (and more productive) workplace. Who knew a little office cleaning could go such a long way?

  1. Celebrate Stellar Safety Records

Lastly, to show employees you care about safety, do just that -- show them! More specifically, make a point to recognize examples of strong safety protocol compliance. You might even come up with contests where teams are encouraged to compete with one another to see who can go the longest without an injury or breach of safety code. Additionally, you can keep everyone working toward the goal of staying safe on the job by posting signs around the workplace that indicate how long it has been since the last accident or injury. Making these efforts not only shows your people how much you care about their safety, but also encourages everyone to continue behaving in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

Your business is nothing without its people -- remind them of how much you care by taking actions that increase everyone’s safety. If you need help implementing a stronger safety routine, The Budd Group can help. Not only do we offer janitorial, landscaping, maintenance, and disinfection services -- we also coordinate with businesses of all kinds to improve their operations, increase their compliance, and enhance their health and safety programs.

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