What Makes a Great Janitorial Services Team Member?

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Here at The Budd Group, we take pride in the work our people provide for our many clients. Our ability to consistently guarantee this quality of services begins with our hiring practices. As an equal opportunity employer, there are no barriers to anyone who wishes to join our team. That said, we take many personality traits into consideration when hiring someone for janitorial positions Ultimately, we’re looking for team players. After all, quality janitorial work is a collaborative effort. But what specific qualities does a great janitorial services team member possess? Here are some characteristics we actively seek in all applicants:

Passionate About Their Work

We understand that for some, work is simply a way to make a living. But when hiring for janitorial jobs, those who express a passion for delivering quality services stand out. In any line of work, enthusiasm contributes greatly to a team’s overall success. Passionate people lift those up around them, boosting morale and strengthening team unity.

Great Communication Skills

When people think about the skills required for cleaning jobs, they might not think communication skills play a large role. On the contrary, strong communication is key for janitorial teams. Without it, tasks might not get completed (or completed more than is necessary), issues between staff members might go unresolved and worsen, and safety protocols might get ignored. Continual communication is also essential for establishing common goals.

Highly Adaptable

On the job, situations can change on a dime. A piece of equipment might break, supplies might run out or get misplaced, and emergencies can occur, just to name a few possibilities. Great janitorial services team members must be able to adapt to the scenario at hand, cooperating with their team members to come up with the best solution.

Self-Aware and Responsible

Sometimes even an honest mistake can negatively affect the entire team. When this happens, it’s important that team members don’t play the blame game. It’s equally important that the team member in question accepts responsibility for their actions and takes steps to prevent the issue from happening again. Those who deny accountability, blame others, or lack self-awareness altogether will gradually drag the team down, and the quality of services will suffer as a result.

Fast Learner

The janitorial field is multi-faceted with many positions and opportunities available. An employee might start out as a general cleaner but eventually end up in a supervising role. Whatever the case may be, great janitorial services team members should display a willingness to learn new skills, undergo different types of training, and take on new roles. Fast, passionate learners can quickly advance in their janitorial careers and subsequently benefit those around them. In short, the best janitorial team members are passionate, strong communicators, adaptable, self-aware, and eager to learn new things. At The Budd Group, these are the traits we’re looking for. And so far, these hiring standards have worked out for us and our customers.  Ready to join our team? Click the following link to view our latest janitorial services job openings. And to learn more about our company, employees, hiring practices, values, and benefits give us a call today at 800-221-8158!
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