Top Ways Pressure Washing Enhances Curb Appeal and Attracts New Customers

Increasing foot traffic at your business requires a multi-faceted approach. In addition to ramping up your marketing game and improving your goods and services, you must think of ways to make your building more welcoming. Your most loyal customers might not think twice about doing business with you even if your building exterior is fading – those who are unfamiliar with your storefront, however, will initially judge your worth based on its outward appearance. If you wish to win these folks over, you have to put on a good face, and that starts with periodic power washing.

Power washing (also called “pressure washing”) is an efficient cleaning method that incorporates heat, detergent, and a strong stream of pressurized water to rid surfaces of stubborn dirt and grime. In this blog, we’ll go over 6 key ways pressure washing helps you enhance your business's curb appeal and attract new customers.

Six Ways Pressure Washing Enhances Curb Appeal

1. Gets Rid of Grime

Your building’s exterior is constantly exposed to the elements; during winter, it might contend with frigid temperatures, snow, and ice; in the spring, it faces pollen, heavy rains, and animal droppings; the summer brings heatwaves and storms; and autumn is riddled with strong winds, debris, and variable temperatures. Before long, your siding will be inundated with various forms of grime, including dust, dirt, pollen, mold, and mildew. There are more ways than one to remove these unwanted materials, but pressure washing offers the most effective solution. Rather than manually scrub every inch of your building’s exterior with an abrasive brush, you can hold a pressure washer at a distance and let the electricity or gas power to the work for you. Of course, safe and effective pressure washing does require proper technique, which is why hiring professionals is recommended.

Whether you take the time to learn how to safely operate a pressure washer or hire power washing services, employing this method lets you easily rid your building of even the most stubborn grime with minimal effort. As a result, existing and potential customers will be met with a storefront that looks next to new. Experts recommend pressure washing your building at least twice a year (about six months apart) to keep its face fresh.

2. Restores Your Building’s Color

Even a thin layer of dirt can significantly diminish your building’s coloration. If you don’t stay on top of exterior building cleaning, your bright red storefront might wind up looking more brown than anything (white siding can take on various shades of yellow, gray, brown, and green). While there’s no way to prevent paint from losing its color entirely, pressure washing your facility periodically will bring as much color back as possible. At some point, it will be necessary to apply a fresh coat of paint. Sure enough, commercial pressure washing plays an important role in this exterior painting process as well.

Attempting to paint over a filthy surface is a losing errand, as debris will prevent the new paint from properly adhering to the underlying surface. Pressure washing prior to painting creates a more receptive surface for painting, resulting in a longer-lasting, more even finish. So, whether you’re rebranding with a new color palette or simply updating your existing color scheme, pressure washing is the first step you should take in providing a fresh, bright exterior for all to see.

3. Prevents Further Filth and Decay

Pressure washing doesn’t just eliminate the dirt and grime currently clinging to your exterior surfaces – it also helps prevent dirt and grime from accumulating in the future. There’s no way to stop nature from taking its course, but maintaining a clean building exterior impedes certain materials from building up and thriving. Pollen, for instance, sticks more easily to surfaces already riddled with dirt, and once it lands, it attracts even more of the sticky yellow-green substance. So, the more you can do to prevent this latching on in the first place, the better. Read our recent blog, “Top 5 Reasons It’s Imperative to Pressure Wash for Pollen This Spring” to see why hiring industrial washing services in early spring is such a smart idea.

4. Keeps Your Parking Lot Fresh and Clear

Your building exterior isn’t the only feature to pressure wash. Debris such as litter, twigs, and leaves easily wind up on parking lots and driveways, hindering your property’s curb appeal and creating obstacles for customers, employees, and guests. Dirt, bacteria, and other particles will also make their way into the pores of asphalt or concrete, contributing to further deterioration. Periodically pressure washing your parking lot removes this filth, establishing a more beautiful and accessible area for patrons to drive, park, and walk upon.

5. Creates a Safer, Healthier Environment

The grime that sticks to your property’s outdoor surfaces is more than just an eyesore. Mold, pollen, durt, and other particles are common allergens. For some, getting even remotely close to these substances can result in severe respiratory and skin-related problems. And if these materials are left to their own devices, they can quickly make their way inside your building, causing further problems for all occupants (not exactly a warm welcome for new customers). Adopting the right commercial cleaning solutions is imperative for keeping these harmful substances at bay both inside and outside your business. Pressure washing is an important part of these cleaning efforts. Clearing away the allergens that stick to your building exterior helps you improve health and safety outcomes for all customers and employees, making your business a more appealing place to work and shop.

6. Conveys That You Care

For certain industries, some building codes determine the frequency and methods for commercial cleaning and building maintenance. That said, there is no all-encompassing law that dictates how each and every business cares for its property. In other words, no one is necessarily forcing you to pressure wash your building or parking lot twice a year or more – it’s ultimately up to you. Of course, customers notice when a business makes the effort, which goes a long way toward fortifying your reputation. Keeping your property clean via pressure washing services and other methods sends the message to all customers and passersby that you respect your enterprise and your people. A business that maintains this esteem is much more likely to pick up new customers than one that just lets things slide.


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