Top 5 Reasons It's Imperative to Pressure Wash for Pollen This Spring

Every season comes with a catch or two. Summer’s warmth can quickly become oppressive; winter’s gentle beauty is also frigid and slick; autumn’s splendor is met with shorter days and cooler temperatures. As for spring, the season of renewal is only made possible by the sticky substance known as pollen, which is necessary for plant reproduction. When spring is in full force, pollen is virtually everywhere and can be seen when amassed in large quantities on the surfaces on which they land, including your property’s exterior. Depending on your location, your commercial building can become covered with the yellow stuff before long, leading you to seek an efficient cleaning solution.

Pressure washing remains the most effective method for cleaning building exteriors, delivering a powerful blast of water (often heated) and detergent at targeted surfaces. Now that spring has begun its march across the U.S., now is the perfect time to think about clearing away pollen from your exterior surfaces via pressure washing. Let’s list the top five reasons it’s so important to pressure wash your commercial building for pollen this spring.

Five reasons to Pressure Wash Your Commercial Building

1. Protect the Well-Being of all Occupants

Call it hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or spring allergies: pollen is the primary culprit for people’s watery eyes, itchy skin, sneezing, coughing, and other allergic responses during the spring. Not everyone is allergic to pollen, and the severity of symptoms varies from person to person. That said, if pollen is clinging to your building’s exterior, occupants who are allergic to pollen are more likely to experience these symptoms. So, the more you can do to reduce pollen’s presence around and inside your building, the better off everyone will be. One of the primary aims of commercial cleaning is to maximize occupant health and safety, and pressure washing for pollen removal is no exception. Taking this approach will quickly clear pollen from your building’s surfaces, reducing the likelihood that it makes its way inside while also staving off further accumulation.

2. Prevent Further Dirt and Debris from Clinging to Your Building

Anyone who has come into close contact with pollen before knows how sticky this substance can be. This adhesive quality is the reason pollen so easily sticks to buildings after being blown through the air by the wind. Moreover, pollen acts as a sort of double-sided tape – not only does it cling to surfaces, it also traps other types of debris, like dust, dirt, and mold spores. So, if you don't employ the proper commercial cleaning solutions to rid your building of pollen this spring, your exterior surfaces will gather even more dirt and undergo accelerated deterioration. Simply put, pressure washing for pollen removal will help you maintain a cleaner building throughout the season.

3. Retain Your Business’ Curb Appeal

Pollen doesn’t just raise health concerns and threaten your building’s integrity – it can also greatly diminish your property’s outward appearance. Though individual grains of pollen aren’t visible to the naked eye, pollen easily becomes an eyesore in large enough quantities, coating buildings, vehicles, and other surfaces with a streaky, yellow-green haze. Leaving your building in this unkempt state sends the wrong message to passersby, signaling a lack of pride in your business. Additionally, enough pollen can actually obscure signage on your property’s face (e.g., your business’ name, directional signs, etc.) and conceal windows, taking a major blow to your reputation and bottom line. Prioritizing exterior building cleaning this spring will allow your building’s true colors to shine, attracting more customers and maintaining positive employee morale.

4. Keep Pests Away from Your Property

Pollen doesn’t get from point A to point B all on its own. It’s up to bees, beetles, birds, and other pollinators to bring the material around the ecosystem. As nature would have it, then, pollen and pests are a package deal. So, if your building is covered in pollen, you can expect to find a larger presence of pests around your property. While many of these pests don’t pose major threats on their own, their prolonged presence can create problems for your landscape and building. After all, smaller pests attract larger ones, and this cycle can take a toll on your green spaces. Moreover, birds, bees, and other pests might start nesting near your building as a result of the increase in pollen and wildlife. Unless you plan on turning your commercial building into a conservatory or wildlife refuge, you’ll want to nip this whole series of events in the bud by pressure washing your exterior and getting rid of all that pollen.

5. Save Your Business Precious Time and Money

Pressure washing isn’t the only way to get rid of the pollen taking over your building’s surfaces. You could try taking care of things with manual cleaning methods like scrubbing, spraying, and wiping. However, it’s no secret that these manual efforts take a significant amount of time to pull off and come with major safety risks, such as climbing ladders, reaching out of windows, standing on roofs, etc. Hiring industrial washing services to thoroughly pressure wash your property is a major time-saver. It’s much more efficient to blast away pollen with a pressure washer than it is to remove this debris any other way. Hiring professionals for this task can save your business money over the long run as well. While hiring professionals can incur a significant cost upfront, these experts bring years of experience and the best equipment to the job, ensuring that every inch of your property is cleaned and maintained for the long haul. When all is said and done, you’ll enjoy a refreshed exterior with more curb appeal than before. You won’t have to extract any time from your own operations to get it done either.

Take Care of Your Pollen Problem with Professional Pressure Washing Services

Spring has arrived, and the onslaught of pollen is soon to follow. Make sure your commercial building remains clear of this seasonal threat with the right services. The Budd Group offers comprehensive pressure washing and commercial cleaning solutions for our clients across all industries. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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