Top 5 Benefits of Bona Resilient Flooring

Resilient floors have earned their namesake – these vinyl floors are durable, which is why they’re commonly found in commercial facilities across several industries. That said, even the most resilient flooring will wear down over time, especially in high-traffic areas. When regular wear and tear takes enough of a toll on your vinyl flooring, there are multiple ways to bring it back to life. You might tear out the existing floors and replace them, but this takes a lot of time and money. Alternatively, you might consider polishing your floors, eliminating those abrasions and other imperfections in the process (this is also labor- and time-intensive). Your third option is to invest in a floor coating solution like the Bona Commercial System™. The Budd Group recommends this solution, especially for healthcare and educational facilities.

The Bona® Commercial System is designed to bring resilient floors back to life while also improving their appearance via custom colors, textures, and graphic options. The system only requires two coats total, which protects the underlying surface and creates a fresh, smooth, slip-resistant topcoat. Let’s go over the top five benefits of investing in the Bona Commercial System for your facility’s resilient flooring.

Top Five Benefits of Investing in the Bona Commercial System for Your Facility

1. Saves Time and Money on Floor Revitalization

As alluded to above, traditional floor restoration and replacement projects require a significant amount of time, money, and effort to complete. While the Bona Commercial System doesn’t occur with the snap of a finger, it involves a much smaller investment in all of these categories. Indeed, this system can transform virtually any resilient floor in less than half the time it takes to replace it. Moreover, the process is less intrusive, so your commercial flooring contractors won’t cause major disturbances or extended downtime at your facility. Ultimately, these savings are better for your bottom line.

2. Significantly Decreases Commercial Floor Maintenance Requirements

Speaking of your bottom line, the Bona System also offers long-term time and cost savings by cutting back on your floor’s maintenance needs. When properly installed, this system makes it so your resilient flooring no longer requires stripping and polishing. Your commercial floor cleaning services will also appreciate how easy it is to keep your floors clean after they’ve been finished with the Bona System. Low-maintenance flooring allows you to divert more resources toward other important tasks in your facility. In this way, investing in the Bona Commercial System benefits your entire facility’s maintenance efforts.

3. Provides a Hygienic Surface

Your resilient flooring has a distinct purpose, but it’s also inextricably linked to the rest of your facility. When your floors are in rough shape, the rest of your building suffers. Indoor air quality (IAQ), for instance, takes a hit when your facility’s floors are filthy and worn down. Bacteria, viruses, and other germs can easily spread throughout your facility if it lacks proper floor care. While every facility must take its cleanliness and hygiene seriously, hospitals, daycare centers, and other health institutions cannot afford to allow contaminants to run rampant, making it all the more important for them to maintain sanitary surfaces. The Bona Commercial System aids in these efforts to provide hygienic floor surfaces. Not only are these floors easy to keep clean – they also resist abrasion so dirt and germs can’t find nooks and crannies in which to hide and thrive.

4. Better for the Environment

The Bona Commercial System helps improve your facility’s internal environment. Better yet, this flooring solution stands to benefit the environment at large, too. We already went over how these flooring solutions save time and money – any process that cuts back on energy output is inherently better for the environment. Beyond this, however, Bona’s flooring solutions also cut back on waste by providing resilient floors with additional longevity. While many manufacturers implement recycling programs to reduce waste when replacing resilient floors, much of this material winds up in landfills anyway. So, by opting for the Bona Commercial System, you help prevent this waste in its entirety.

5. Highly Customizable

When it comes to your facility’s flooring, the most important aspects are safety, durability, cleanliness, and longevity. Of course, appearances matter, too. Fortunately, the Bona Commercial System offers a wide range of RAL color options, meaning you can easily transform the look of your resilient flooring with minimal effort. In addition to providing this wide range of colors, Bona floor solutions also allow for a textured look via the Bona Coloured Chip system. Best of all, Bona flooring contractors can also apply graphics and logos during the project. Whether you’re rebranding or simply seeking to update the look of your facility’s interior, the Bona Commercial System will help you achieve the design you desire.

Let The Budd Group Provide Your Facility with Bona® Fide Flooring Solutions

No matter the industry you’re in, your facility needs floors that are easy to care for, durable enough to handle significant foot traffic, conducive to improved health and safety outcomes, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing. The Bona Commercial System delivers on all these fronts and more. If it’s time to restore or upgrade your resilient flooring, allow The Budd Group to provide the right solution for your needs. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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