How to Implement Commercial Floor Maintenance in the High-Traffic Areas of Your Facility with Little Interference

When you think about it, your commercial floors are used more than any other surface in your facility -- this is especially true in your high-traffic areas. Without sturdy floors, your employees, customers, and mobile equipment wouldn’t be able to safely get from point A to point B. Therefore, proper floor care is foundational to your business’ success and safety. Because your floors are so frequently in use, however, conducting this maintenance presents challenges, namely in the form of obstruction.

Here’s how to implement commercial floor maintenance in high-traffic areas of your facility without interfering too much with operations or customers.

Have Flooring Contractors Work During Scheduled Downtime or Slow Periods

If your facility will shut down for an extended period of time (i.e., evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.), this is the perfect opportunity to hire commercial flooring contractors. The more you can get done while no one else is around, the better. Of course, not all facilities have this luxury -- businesses that are open 24/7 need to keep the lights on at all times. That said, every facility has ebbs and flows of activity. If certain periods of time are less busy than others, plan on having your floors worked on during these times to minimize interference.

Break the Project into Sections

Another way to keep your operations flowing amidst crucial commercial floor care is to tackle it one section at a time. This is akin to road work wherein at least one lane remains open at all times while others are under construction. This approach comes with inefficiencies and can still slow down certain day-to-day activities. Still, keeping portions of your floor open for use is better than blocking the entire area off.

Keep Employees and Customers Informed

Communication is key for avoiding interference and accidents during commercial floor maintenance and repair projects. While it may be obvious that work of some sort is being done on your facility’s flooring, it helps to be clear from the outset. Before entering the area, employees and customers should receive notice of exactly what’s going on, why, and what to do (and what not to do) during the project. When everyone is on the same page, everyone can more easily stay safe and steer clear of the work zone.

Work with an Experienced Contractor

When floor maintenance is completed properly and quickly, the less interference there will be at your facility. Whether you require commercial floor cleaning services, repair experts, epoxy specialists, etc., hire a reliable company with a stellar track record. The better a contractor’s reputation, the more likely they’ll be to get the job done on time and without error so you won’t have to worry about a prolonged, costly excursion.

Keep Your Floors in Great Shape (less severe maintenance needed)

Finally, the best way to prevent major downtime or obstruction is to take good care of your floors each and every day. The stronger your building maintenance protocols, the fewer issues you’ll encounter with your floors down the road. Considering that flooring repair and replacement projects are among the most intensive at your facility, the fewer you need to invest in, the better.

Keeping your high-traffic areas flowing while also fixing up your floors is no simple task. By working with The Budd Group, however, you can rest assured that the job will get done right. Our contractors work closely with each and every client to suit their scheduling needs, keep everyone apprised, and reduce interference wherever possible. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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