Top Tips for Floor Repair Projects This Summer

Proper floor care is among the most important components of building maintenance. Without sturdy floors, your operational efficiency, safety standards, and reputation can take a major nosedive. As summer approaches and many businesses prepare to see an increase in activity, there’s no better time to evaluate your facility’s flooring and make necessary repairs. Here are our top tips for tackling floor repair projects this summer.

The Best Ways to Repair Your Floors

Prioritize Floor Repair Projects

As you examine your building’s floors, you might realize that they could all use attention. However, it’s often unrealistic in terms of both time and money to achieve all your flooring goals in a given year, let alone season. For this reason, it’s imperative to first focus on your most pressing flooring needs and go from there. For instance, if your customer-facing floors and/or primary operational floors are falling apart, you might invest in a total resurfacing project for these floors before anything else. Minor patching projects might be put aside until these major matters are addressed -- it all depends on your specific needs.

Choose the Right Flooring Solutions for Your Needs

Floor repairs and renovations come in many forms depending on multiple factors. Before you invest in a major repair project, make sure you’re working with reliable commercial flooring contractors who know exactly what you and your floors need. One floor might require concrete crack fillers while another might need urethane resurfacing, etc. Different methods and materials will produce different results and may be more or less suited for the floor type in question.

Go One Section at a Time

No matter the time of year, flooring projects can be difficult to schedule and execute without throwing a wrench in your operations, diminishing your image, or reducing your facility’s safety. After all, floors cannot be used while they’re being repaired. If there’s no safe space to maneuver, your facility is virtually out of order. To avoid these issues, floor repair specialists will often go section by section, keeping an adequate amount of flooring available while other portions are being fixed. Tackling these tasks in this piecemeal fashion may prolong the project’s duration but will help ensure that your operations continue to run smoothly.

Keep Appearances in Mind

Floor repairs are primarily performed to strengthen flooring and extend its lifespan, but these projects also enhance the appearance of your floors and by proxy your entire facility. Before committing to a specific product or methodology, determine your aesthetic goals. Epoxy floor coatings, for instance, come in many colors and textures. Concrete polishing provides your floors with a glossy finish that brightens up any space. The stronger your vision, the easier it will be to make repair and/or resurfacing decisions. Your commercial floor cleaning services are also essential in upholding your floor’s fresh look.

Floor Maintenance Matters

Renovating your floors this summer is only half the battle -- after all repairs have been made, you must keep up with regular and periodic commercial floor care. Much like the repair process itself, floor maintenance can also interfere with regular operations, so it’s crucial to schedule these services strategically. Your commercial floor cleaning services should be able to handle any and all floor types and take care of tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, wet mopping, burnishing, buffing, scrubbing, refinishing, stripping, waxing, and more. Establishing a thorough floor care program will reduce the number and frequency of repairs you’ll need to make in the future.

At The Budd Group, our comprehensive floor care programs cover cleaning, repair, resurfacing, and replacement projects. We’ll make sure your floors shine this summer and beyond. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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