Top 4 Reasons Spring Is the Best Time for High Dusting Your Office

We might not always see it, but dust is all around us. In buildings with poor ventilation and air filtration, these tiny particles can quickly accumulate on interior surfaces. More than just an eyesore, the presence of dust inside your office building poses a health hazard to every occupant. Enough dust can begin to wear down your assets as well. As such, staying on top of dust removal is crucial for protecting your people and your property. Whereas standard dusting deals with accessible surfaces like tabletops, desks, keyboards, and so on, high dusting refers to clearing dust from high-up and hard-to-reach areas, including shelves, vents, fans, ceiling corners, the tops of bathroom stalls, door trims, and more. Because these harder-to-reach surfaces aren’t always visible, they can harbor layers of dust and dirt when neglected for extended periods – this is why prioritizing high dusting is so important.

Implementing strong high dusting protocols in your facility will help improve indoor air quality (IAQ), boost your GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) ratings, keep you compliant with building cleaning standards, promote a safer work environment, minimize allergic reactions, and protect your interior surfaces from deterioration. Now that the spring cleaning season has arrived, high dusting should be at the top of your checklist. Let’s go over the top four reasons to prioritize high dusting in your office this spring.

Four Reasons to High Dust Your Office

1. Renew Your Office’s Atmosphere

There’s never a bad time to start cleaning the office. In truth, your office cleaning efforts should remain consistent throughout the year. That said, winter has a way of dampening one’s will to clean. Even if you’re inside a warm building for much of the day, the lack of daylight can shift people’s priorities and darken their moods. As important as regular maintenance may be, cleaning tasks can quickly get cast aside as everyone simply tries to get through the day. Winter is messy, too – in colder, snowier regions, you can expect plenty of slush to enter your building. As the days get longer and temperatures warm up, people feel more motivated to restore their spaces and wash away winter’s mess. Spring is a time to get organized and take care of those cleaning tasks that have been put on hold, including high dusting. Dusting those hard-to-reach surfaces around this time of year will get your office ready for the rest of the year, boost morale, and impress any guests or customers that enter.

2. Prevent Dust from Accumulating Inside Your Office

The outside air certainly smells fresher in spring, but this doesn’t mean dust stops being a threat this season. On the contrary, pollen and other allergy-inducing plant material run rampant during spring and can enter your office building in various ways. If you only invest in high dusting at the very beginning of spring, your office will eventually become inundated with dust once more. Over time, this material can harden, becoming more difficult to remove. Staying on top of dusting throughout the season is an important component of building maintenance, preventing tiny particles from building up on indoor surfaces and reducing the resources and effort required to eliminate these harmful materials

3. Heating Systems Circulate Dust

The slush and salt brought into your building isn’t the only winter-related concern that warrants strong commercial cleaning in the spring. Your office’s heating system helps keep occupants comfortable all winter long. Unfortunately, heating systems can also blow dust around, helping it more easily land on high-up surfaces (this is especially true for forced air heating systems). By the time winter comes to an end, you can expect to find significant amounts of dust in hard-to-reach locations. If you’ve kept up with high dusting protocols during winter, you’ll have less to worry about come springtime. Regardless, killing the heat inside your office presents the perfect opportunity to remove any and all dust that’s been circulating over the past several months.

4. Prepare Vents for Efficient Air Conditioning

Speaking of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), it won’t be long until you need to cool things down inside your office. Many regions across the Southeastern U.S. are already experiencing temperatures in the 80s (Fahrenheit). If your vents are caked in dust and dirt, your air conditioning system won’t run as efficiently as desired. More importantly, running your HVAC systems in such a state will greatly diminish your office’s indoor air quality, disseminating dust particles throughout your building. Make sure your vents are as clean as possible by high dusting them before it’s time to crank the air conditioning during the rest of spring and summer. Doing so will also make office cleaning that much easier throughout the rest of the year since you’ll have less dust to worry about.

How The Budd Group Implements High Dusting

Here at The Budd Group, we prioritize high dusting year-round. While most people can handle standard dusting tasks, it’s a good idea to work with trained industrial cleaning professionals to take care of specialized and challenging cleaning tasks – for many facilities, high dusting is included on this list because of its scope and potential for injury when mishandled. Our highly skilled technicians safely utilize ladders, scaffolds, rafters, and electric lifts to access ceilings, fans, shelving, and other areas that require high dusting. That said, we try to avoid the use of such lifts whenever possible, opting for extension poles and other reach-aiding devices to minimize risk without sacrificing thorough cleaning. After clearing dust manually with the use of electrostatic duster equipment, we deploy a professional-grade backpack cleaner to collect and remove dirt from your facility. Our comprehensive high dusting process will make your office a healthier and more beautiful environment for employees, guests, and customers.

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