Tips for Reopening Your Business After a Winter Storm

Blizzards, ice storms, freezing temperatures, and hazardous wind chills can put your employees and customers in harm’s way if you’re not properly prepared for a coming winter storm. Not only that -- these severe winter conditions can damage and destroy portions of your property, putting a pause on your operations. Keeping up with proper building maintenance can help your facility withstand the worst aspects of a winter storm, but there’s no stopping nature. After a major storm has passed, you may be tempted to get right back to work. However, without the proper plan in place, you might end up doing your people and your business a disservice.

With that in mind, here are some tips for reopening your business after a winter storm.

Wait Until It’s Safe to Reopen

Just because a storm has passed doesn’t mean you necessarily have the go-ahead to open back up. For one thing, the weather event might not have reached its end, which is why it’s important to stay informed and regularly check your local forecast for updates. Beyond that, the recent winter storm might have done some damage that must be addressed prior to reopening.

Inspect Your Facility Inside and Out

As you wait for confirmation that the winter storm has indeed passed and won’t return, take the time to carefully and thoroughly examine your building’s exterior and interior. Depending on the severity and nature of the storm, there might be several feet of snow surrounding your facility, icicles hanging from your gutters, fallen branches and power lines, and so on. Be sure to check your roof for heavy snow buildup as well, but note that removing snow from the roof can be dangerous and strenuous, so it’s best to hire a roof snow removal service for this task. Additionally, note that winter storms can damage pipes and electric systems that affect your facility’s interior, resulting in water damage, fire hazards, and more.

Any portions of your facility that have undergone damage or show signs of deterioration should be addressed immediately, especially if they stand in the way of your operations or health and safety protocols. Investing in these repairs and improvements will also help you better prepare for the next winter storm.

Ensure Safety and Accessibility

Once your building is in good shape for reopening, you must make sure that employees and customers can easily and safely enter the premises. So, before you open your doors back up, make sure that any and all snow, ice, and debris is cleared away from driveways, parking lots, walking paths, entryways, and exits. You might need to hire snow plowing services to prevent major accumulation during the storm and/or to clear away residual snowfall after the storm has passed. Additionally, it’s worth investing in ice management services and/or equipment (i.e. rock salt, anti-ice applications) to keep ice from forming and building up on and around your facility. You might also want to hire storm debris removal services to safely clear away any large and hazardous debris that fell during the storm.

Reopening the Right Way After a Winter Storm

Is your business prepared to weather the next winter storm? If you’re not sure, The Budd Group can help you bolster your storm preparation and safety protocols while providing the expertise and resources to quickly and safely reopen afterward. To learn more about all that The Budd Group can do for your business this winter and beyond call us today at 800-221-8158, or send us an email at!

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