Reopening for Business: 7 Ways to Make Customers Feel More Confident

Though the U.S. has yet to get a handle on the COVID-19 pandemic (and future waves may be on the way), many businesses have already begun to reopen their doors. This is undoubtedly positive news for so many companies who have experienced significant losses over the past few months. However, reopening amidst a pandemic is a double-edged sword, and without a strategy in place, your business might struggle to bring in customers despite your availability. The key to regaining and maintaining foot traffic is helping your customers feel comfortable entering your facility. With that in mind, here are seven ways to boost customer confidence upon reopening.

  1. Actively Communicate With Your Audience

If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that communication and transparency are vital in instilling confidence in the public. The same principle applies to your business -- if your customers aren’t aware of your status, hours, safety protocols, etc., they are less likely to pay you a visit. People like to know what’s going on, so make it easy. Update your social media channels and website, send out flyers and emails to those on your mailing lists, and distribute relevant ads to get your message out there. Make sure that your messaging is clear and consistent, as conflicting information will lead to confusion and frustration. This content should include details regarding changes you’re making to ensure the health and safety of all patrons.

  1. Place Hand Sanitizer Stations Around Your Facility

Another way to ease the fears of your customers is to place hand sanitizer stations at strategic points around your location. At the very least, you should place these stations at the entrance and exit points of your facility so customers can sanitize their hands and forearms when coming in and leaving. Make sure you have ample supplies to refill these stations, as some customers might use more than their share.

  1. Post Clear Signage Inside and Out

Maintaining strong communication goes beyond emails, website updates, and advertisements. You should also clearly indicate safety protocols on the property itself (i.e. windows, doors, walls), such as which doors to enter and exit, mask requirements, social distancing protocols, and more. Keep in mind, however, that blasting customers with too much information can be overwhelming, so do your best to make these signs simple, easy to read, visible, and clear in terms of messaging.

  1. Direct Foot Traffic

While plenty of mystery remains regarding COVID-19 transmission, the virus seems to spread in large gatherings, especially when most individuals are not wearing masks. As such, social distancing (staying six feet apart when possible) has become such a popular and important term. One way to minimize crowding and encourage social distancing is to direct the traffic flow of customers inside your facility so they are all moving in one direction and not bumping into one another. You can do this by placing floor markers (i.e. tape or paint), arranging aisles and furniture in a particular way, and/or roping off sections to create one-way lines.

  1. Establish New Ways to Shop

While some customers will be happy to walk into your facility during this pandemic, remember that others will prefer to keep their distance, even if they wish to purchase goods from your business. It isn’t always easy to please everyone, but if you want to bolster your bottom line, it’s worth adjusting your business model to facilitate every type of customer, allowing them to dictate their own level of comfort. Many businesses have done this by creating or utilizing online ordering portals, offering curbside pickup, providing no-contact delivery, and more. The more options your customers have, the more confident they will feel.

  1. Lead By Example

The confidence level of your customers will also be influenced by the behavior of your employees. If your people are setting a strong precedent (wearing masks, enforcing social distancing, etc.), it sends a signal that these matters are being taken seriously. Following guidelines set by organizations like the CDC and OSHA, train your floor workers, janitorial services, customer service reps, and everyone else accordingly to lead by example.

  1. Cleanliness Counts (sends a message, plus actually important)

Not only should your employees set a positive example -- your facility as a whole should indicate its overall cleanliness and adherence to relevant regulations. The best way to display this is by increasing your cleaning and disinfection efforts so every customer walks into a pristine, sanitary environment. If possible, consider hiring cleaning and disinfection services to regularly perform these important tasks so your people can continue doing their jobs uninterrupted. And if you have yet to reopen, invest in a coronavirus deep clean procedure prior to opening back up to start fresh.

Companies Rely on Confident Customers

Though no one is sure how long the economic effects of COVID-19 will last, there’s no doubt most of us have an uphill climb before us. That said, businesses will put themselves in a better position by taking precautions and boosting customer confidence. Here at The Budd Group, we aim to help companies return to action safely and strategically. In addition to our quality janitorial and maintenance services, we offer disinfection misting services, deep cleaning, electrostatic spray, coronavirus remediation, and more.

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