Recruiting, Hiring and Training Production Support Personnel

The manufacturing industry heavily relies on hardworking and skilled workers. As a business expands or changes over time, it might struggle to fill all necessary production positions and/or properly train them for the job at hand. Actively searching for prime candidates for assembly and production line jobs, material handling, equipment operators, etc., can take significant time and resources away from your primary operations. As such, it’s often wise to partner with a dedicated recruitment, hiring, and training support provider to keep your operations flowing. The Budd Group has more than 50 years of experience seeking out and preparing production and facility support staff for our business and for our clients. Let’s outline what these services entail and how they can benefit your business.

What Our Recruitment, Hiring, and Training Services Entail

We care about the quality of workers we hire for our company, and we know our clients feel the same, which is why we take great care to properly screen candidates and perform background checks before moving to the next stage, whether we’re trying to fill janitorial positions, logistics roles, mailroom staff, or any other job. Only those with the proper work ethic, skill set, and experience will be considered. From there, we take our clients’ specific needs into account -- one client might require several part-time workers, for instance while another might need to bolster its full-time roster. Our facility management services also allow us to train and manage the employees we hire for a given client.

Advantages of Recruitment Solutions

We’ve already briefly touched on the benefits of utilizing our recruitment, hiring, and training facility support services, but these points are worth detailing further:

  1. Relying on an experienced, full-service provider like The Budd Group means that you’ll be able to quickly fill your various manufacturing jobs with top talent. Outsourcing these solutions saves you time and money and lets you focus more on your main operations.

  2. These facility support solutions let you receive the precise amount of help you need so you’re never short-staffed or over-booked.

  3. You won’t be responsible for the tedious paperwork and other protocols associated with recruitment, hiring, or training -- rather, this accountability falls on the facility support staff.

The Types of Production Support Personnel We Recruit

At the Budd Group, we’re willing and able to find and hire virtually any type of production support labor required by our clients, including but not limited to:

  • Assembly & production line workers

  • Subassembly workers

  • Forklift & equipment operators

  • Inspectors

  • Inventory control employees

  • Logistics employees

  • Machine operators & feeders

  • Mailroom staff

  • Material handlers

  • Pick & packers

  • Other production-related positions

Our facility support team will target the best people for these key positions no matter your specific needs.

Keep Your Manufacturing Facility Fully Operational

No manufacturing business can achieve its full potential without competent, committed individuals doing their part. Get the help you need by relying on The Budd Group’s resources and experience. To learn more about our recruitment, hiring, training, and facility management offerings, give us a call today at 800-221-8158.

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