Medical Cleaning Services: How We Train Our Medical Cleaning Teams

Cleanliness must be a priority for all facilities — this couldn’t be more true for healthcare facilities. Knowledgeable medical cleaning services are needed to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for all patients, staff, and visitors. Here at The Budd Group, medical cleaning is included in our full-service cleaning programs. Our medical cleaning staff focuses on offices, lobbies, cafeterias, and exteriors. Although we do not oversee areas where patients interact directly with medical practitioners, we take this role seriously, which is why we deploy rigorous training protocols for all our medical cleaning providers and extensively train our teams.

Hiring the Best People Is the First Step

Even the best training programs will fall short if the person receiving instruction is not suited for the role. We only hire the best, most passionate people for healthcare cleaning jobs. In addition to meeting necessary physical requirements, candidates must also be able to consistently comply with all regulatory standards for medical office cleaning. The more experience an individual has in this field, the better, though work ethic and a willingness to learn and grow are more important traits.

Providing Routine, Up-To-Date Training

In order to ensure that our passionate, competent medical cleaning staff is properly equipped for the job, we offer routine instruction that takes all current cleaning standards in healthcare into account. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the ways in which all commercial cleaners approach their job. We make sure that our medical cleaning teams are fully trained to safely and effectively tackle these new challenges.

Getting to Know Each Unique Facility

The healthcare sector encompasses various types of facilities, from hospitals to urgent care centers to specialized clinics and everything in between. While many standards apply to all medical facilities, each facility will have unique requirements and challenges that medical office cleaning teams must fully comprehend. The range of tasks varies in each situation, which is why knowing the ins and outs of the facility layout, staff, standards, and obstacles is essential for medical cleaning teams to get the job done right.

Infection Control

Even during non-pandemic times, infection control is a key component of medical cleaning. After all, medical facilities contain several germs and require frequent contact between staff and patients. To mitigate the spread of infectious disease, all medical cleaning providers must be trained in proper disinfection protocols, understanding key concepts such as dwell time, sterilization, kill claims, etc. Additionally, medical cleaning teams must be outfitted with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when engaged in disinfection tasks.

Safe and Sanitary Waste Disposal

Trash and recycling removal are also key components of proper healthcare cleaning protocols. Certain medical materials, such as used needles must be separated from other forms of waste and disposed of safely. Standard waste must also be removed efficiently and often to prevent obstruction, odor, and bacterial/pest infestation.

Today, more than ever, healthcare facilities must be held to the highest standards of cleanliness, disinfection, and sanitation — well-trained medical cleaning teams are essential in achieving this goal, and that’s exactly what The Budd Group offers our clients. To learn more about our healthcare cleaning solutions, our people, and our mission, give us a call today at (800) 221-8158!

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