Tree Pruning, Removal and Installation

Trees serve a vital role in the global ecosystem, providing oxygen and shade, storing carbon, sheltering and feeding wildlife, and helping to maintain the health of surrounding soil. At the very least, trees provide natural beauty to any landscape. If neglected or poorly maintained, however, trees can grow out of control, become obstructive, and threaten nearby landscapes, properties, and living beings. The Budd Group’s tree printing, removal, and installation services help ensure that your trees continue to benefit rather than impede your property.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Though sometimes conflated, tree pruning and trimming are two different yet equally important tasks performed by landscape maintenance services. Tree pruning refers to the process of periodically removing dead, infected, and/or loose branches in order to promote new, healthy growth and prevent future disease and pest infestation. The Budd Group’s pruning professionals have the proper tools and knowledge to carefully remove only the necessary limbs and branches.

Tree trimming, on the other hand, is typically performed for aesthetic purposes. During this procedure, branches and limbs are removed, shortened, and/or reconfigured to adjust the overall shape and length of the tree. While these aims are primarily visual, they can help promote tree health as well, ensuring that the tree receives proper nutrients from the environment.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, trimming and pruning isn’t enough to maintain a landscape or protect surrounding properties and people from falling branches and limbs. If a tree is dead, dying, severely overgrown, and/or simply too close to a property, the best course of action might be to have it removed entirely. The removal process occurs from the top down for safety and efficiency. Professional arborists methodically remove limbs and branches and work their way down the trunk, cutting it away in pieces until nothing is left but a stump. The landscape debris removal team then collects the remains and moves them away from the property. Stumps can be left to deteriorate on their own, or landscaping services can remove them via grinding and/or uprooting.

Tree Installation

While some situations call for trimming, pruning, or removal, others call for tree installation. Some landscapes simply don’t look complete without the presence of trees or other plant life. Of course, plenty of preparation and maintenance goes into tree planting — after all, it takes a while for most trees to grow to their full potential. Additionally, you want to ensure that your trees don’t end up posing a threat to your property or overwhelming your landscape once fully grown. To avoid such conflicts, the lawn maintenance service experts at The Budd Group:

  • Work closely with each client to determine which type(s) of trees will be best for their landscape, both visually and practically
  • Strategically layout where trees will be planted, keeping in mind utilities below and above the tree, distance from properties and other installations, etc.
  • Plant trees at the proper time of year
  • Perform routine maintenance (i.e. mulching, seasonal protection, staking, etc.)

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your landscape with trees for the first time, introduce some new trees to your existing grove, or replace a tree that you had to remove, The Budd Group will deliver.

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