Complete Fertilization and Pest Management

Complete Fertilization and Pest Management

Many factors contribute to an attractive and healthy lawn, such as proper irrigation, sunlight, general maintenance, etc. Likewise, several factors threaten your commercial landscape (i.e. certain pests, debris, overfertilization), either preventing it from achieving its full potential or gradually deteriorating it. The Budd Group’s complete fertilization and pest management landscaping services aim to address both of these issues and keep your property’s landscape beautiful and in proper balance year-round.

Fertilization Services

Lawn fertilizer is a natural or synthetic substance that is spread across the soil or incorporated into it in order to promote the health and growth of vegetation, such as grass, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and more. Fertilizer comes in many forms and should be applied to a lawn at certain points during the year to optimize growth. Of course, those who own or operate commercial properties (regardless of size) might struggle to properly fertilize their green spaces on their own. Effective fertilization requires knowledge, experience, time, effort, and preparation (i.e. landscape debris removal). Fortunately, The Budd Group has several decades worth of landscaping experience, and we cater our fertilization services to each client’s specific needs.

Pest Management Services

We often think of pests as inherently harmful. And while many pests can indeed wreak havoc on a commercial landscape, some creatures can actually allow vegetation to thrive. The key here is proper pest control and management, which involves removing the bad actors (i.e. grubs, cutworms, webworms, etc.) and introducing/maintaining the right amount of beneficial bugs (i.e. bees, certain spiders, ladybugs), many of which feed on or fend off such harmful pests. At The Budd Group, we carefully monitor our clients’ green spaces for pest activity, population sizes, and potential concerns. We then use safe, environmentally-friendly pesticides and organic products/methodology to keep certain pests at bay while leaving your lawn unscathed and maintaining its optimal ecosystem.

The Budd Group Difference

We have clients all across the Southeastern U.S. and in every industry imaginable, which means we must be equipped to manage different types of landscapes, customer needs, requirements laid out by state and local governments, and much more. This is why our landscaping staff is well-trained to handle whatever challenges come our way. It’s also why our fertilization and pest management services, along with all of our other offerings, are completely customizable so we deliver exactly what each of our clients needs to keep their commercial landscape in its best shape.

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