Installing and Maintaining Athletic Fields

Installing and Maintaining Athletic Fields

Athletic fields unify communities, create opportunities for people of all ages through sports leagues and competitions, and provide recreational experiences for all. In order to continue yielding these benefits, these fields and facilities must be well-maintained, and new developments must be properly planned and expertly installed for their intended purpose. At The Budd Group, in addition to offering building maintenance services for athletic facilities, we also install and maintain all types of athletic fields.

Artificial Fields

Artificial or synthetic fields have grown in popularity for a number of reasons. Though the installation of an artificial field is typically more costly than a natural or modified field, these synthetic fields typically require less maintenance overall, offer effective internal drainage, hold up in virtually all weather conditions, and retain their aesthetic appeal. That said, the artificial turf infill used to imitate a natural field can heat up in warm, sunny weather, and doesn’t quite feel the same as organic grass. Also, maintenance is indeed required to keep artificial fields fully functional and efficient, such as regularly measuring the field’s hardness, sweeping and dragging the field to keep fibers upright, redistributing infill, removing snow when necessary, landscape debris removal, and more.

Natural Soil Fields

We also install and maintain various types of natural soil fields (i.e. sand, loam, clay), which make up the majority of athletic fields today. For the best results, we take into consideration the client’s goals, the region’s climate, and the purpose of the field in question (such as which sports it will be used for, how frequently it will be used, etc.). Intensive maintenance is necessary for all natural soil fields, especially regarding irrigation, drainage, and aeration. Additional maintenance includes tasks such as mowing, trimming, edging, soil testing, soil replacement, snow removal, and more. The frequency of these maintenance tasks will depend on the field’s size, level of use, soil type, climate, season, client scheduling parameters, etc.

Modified Soil Fields

Modified soil fields are the third type of athletic field we install and maintain. These fields contain an additional coarse amendment (typically sand) mixed into the natural soil in order to increase drainage and decrease compaction. Though these fields are more expensive to install than natural soil fields, clients can reduce costs over time thanks to less intensive maintenance.

The Budd Group Difference

Athletic facilities and fields have so much to offer. If you need a reliable partner to care for or install your artificial, natural, or modified athletic field, The Budd Group will deliver.

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