Specialty Cleaning Programs

Specialty Cleaning Programs

Keeping a facility clean is a multi-faceted endeavor. There is no single method for cleaning various surfaces, materials, and objects, but they must all be kept clean nonetheless. Some buildings may also require unique commercial cleaning solutions for their particular needs. These challenges underline the importance of The Budd Group’s specialty cleaning programs. We are prepared to clean, sanitize, and restore any and every part of a facility, from the floors to the ceilings and every inch in between.

What’s So Special about our Cleaning Programs?

Standard cleaning services offer bare-minimum, cookie-cutter programs that neglect the individual challenges faced by each customer. Mopping floors, dusting shelves, and sanitizing bathrooms are all important tasks, but they might only scratch the surface of a facility’s total needs. At The Budd Group, we know that a business or residence isn’t at its best when receiving one-size-fits-all cleaning and janitorial services. That’s why our specialty cleaning programs are completely customizable. Each of our clients can choose from any of our service offerings and leave out the ones they don’t need. We will then come up with a detailed plan and schedule for full facility maintenance.

What Types of Services are Included?

Our commercial cleaning specialists perform cleaning tasks including but not limited to:

  • Cleanroom cleaning
  • Condominium custodial
  • Condominium maintenance
  • Day cleaning and porter services
  • Environmental services
  • Floor care programs
    • Stripping and waxing
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Tile and grout restoration
  • Flu prevention programs
  • Full-service cleaning programs
  • Grease pit cleaning
  • Green cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Laundry services
  • Maintenance
  • Medical cleaning
  • Paint booth cleaning
  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Pest control including bed bugs, ants, etc.
  • Pressure washing
  • Recycling programs
  • Sign cleaning
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Athletic facility cleaning, including stadiums and gyms
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Window washing and wall cleaning

Which Industries Do We Serve?

Not only do we offer all of the above cleaning services in any combination, but we offer them for a wide range of industries and non-commercial properties, including:

  • Athletic stadiums and facilities
  • Biomedical and other cleanroom facilities
  • Churches and other religious organizations
  • Colleges and universities
  • Commercial offices and office parks
  • Computer centers
  • Corporate headquarters and facilities
  • Government buildings and facilities
  • HOA, apartment complexes and condo developments
  • Hospitals, healthcare facilities and campuses
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Manufacturing plants and facilities
  • Primary schools, secondary schools, and school systems
  • Retail centers

No matter the type of facility or its characteristics, The Budd Group will find the best way to properly clean and maintain every part of it with our custom cleaning programs.

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