Janitorial Services: How to Choose the Best Provider for Your Work Place

Your business cannot operate at full capacity if its offices aren’t clean, safe, and sanitary for everyone. If your company can’t provide janitorial services on its own, it must outsource and find the best cleaning provider possible. But what should a company look for in its janitorial services? If it’s time to hire a cleaning service for your workplace, make sure you look for the following traits.

The Best Qualities in a Janitor

1. Reliability and Flexibility

Your office cleaning services must be dependable. This means they must consistently do a good job at the right time. Every business operates differently. Some offices are open 24/7 while others only have hours four or five days a week. Whatever the case, the janitorial service you hire must be able to work according to your company’s schedule. This might mean working overnight, on the weekend, or throughout the workday. Before choosing a service, look into how large and capable it is. Does it have enough staff on call? Does this company typically work only at certain times, or does it have a history of flexible hours? Ask any candidate these questions to ensure that your office gets the attention it needs.

2. Skilled, Service-Oriented Staff

The best janitorial services hire the best people. Before you make your decision, ask the company about its hiring practices. How long does the company train its staff? Are employees certified and experienced in specific areas? Does the company conduct background checks and drug testing on workers? The service you hire should focus on all of its customers’ needs. Therefore, its people should be service-oriented. Right away you should get a feel for this by speaking to a representative over the phone. Good people skills and attention to detail make all the difference when choosing the best cleaning provider.

3. Environmentally Conscious

Not every business owner cares about its environmental impact, but businesses contribute significantly to air pollution in the U.S. each year. It’s also worth noting that saving energy also saves money, so reducing your carbon footprint can also help your bottom line in the long run. For these reasons, you should seek commercial janitorial services that take the environment into consideration. Find out if they’re an ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) member or have USGCB (U.S. Green Building Council) certification. Companies that offer green janitorial services are a cut above the others and ahead of the curve. They will also keep your workplace safer and more sanitary, all while helping the environment.

4. Certified and Insured

When seeking quality janitorial services for your office, only consider those with certification and insurance. Certification is proof of quality service that abides by important state and federal guidelines. When companies are insured, you take on no risk in the case that something goes wrong or someone gets injured. The janitorial company will incur any of these costs via their insurance, giving you peace of mind. There are no doubt plenty of cleaning companies out there, but the best janitorial companies will meet these requirements and even go beyond them. If a service fails to meet any one of these, you should look elsewhere for your business. The Budd Group proudly serves several businesses, providing the highest quality janitorial services. Our highly skilled, service-oriented staff will pay careful attention to your needs. Beyond our certified green cleaning solutions, we also provide landscaping, snow removal, window cleaning, and trash removal services. Let our team help yours. Call us today at 800-221-8158, or email us at Solutions@BuddGroup.com!

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