Janitorial Services Companies - How Commercial Experience Impacts Quality

Janitorial services companies strive to help facilities managers and building owners run operations smoothly. There’s nothing more frustrating than hiring a janitorial team who doesn’t understand the cleaning products, procedures, and scheduling needs for your field or industry. A poor match between a company and a janitorial team is a costly mistake that could lower productivity, harm brand reputation, and have a negative impact on your bottom line. When choosing a janitorial company, hiring janitorial teams with commercial experience in your field or industry means you’re getting higher-quality services with more reliable results.

Compliance with Standards

A janitorial company familiar with the unique standards for health and safety is an asset when choosing cleaning services for offices. Whether it’s cleaning offices in a health care facility, on a campus, or at a corporate headquarters, you need to know your teams have a track record of cleaning excellence that keeps you compliant and helps you pass regular inspection.

Experience with Equipment

Cleaning teams should have experience cleaning around any specialized tools, machinery, and equipment in your facility. Particularly if your offices include labratories or cleanrooms, each decision your janitorial services company makes can either degrade or preserve the quality of your products and your process.

Flexible Scheduling

Not everyone works a 9 to 5, and not every office has the same cleaning schedule. Whatever your facility demands, you can find a janitorial services team that meets scheduling needs without interrupting work or harming productivity.

Multiple Location Cleaning

Offices are often part of a network, with multiple locations in the same area. All those locations need cleaning, and all of them can be covered with a janitorial company experienced in project management.

Reputation Management

Janitorial companies with commercial experience understand that your facility— inside or out— is part of your brand. They will help you maintain office landscaping, recycling and disposal. Your customers, clients and visitors will be greeted with a lush landscape and clean entryways. If someone is visiting your office for the first time as part of an event or conference, your janitorial team should be on hand for setup, breakdown and cleanup of meeting spaces, so things go off without a hitch. For 50 years and counting, The Budd Group specializes in complete janitorial for office spaces across industries: We are committed to helping you maintain a clean, efficient, and environmentally-friendly janitorial program that keeps things running smoothly and makes guests feel welcome. We work with you to hire the best janitorial team for your office setting, including maintenance teams to meet ongoing facility upkeep needs. Our Make it Right Guarantee means you will get the highest-quality results from your janitorial program to make your business stand out, no matter what challenges you face in your facility. Contact us today for your personalized janitorial services proposal.

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