Irrigation: What You Need to Know to Make Your Grass Green and your Wallet Greener

When it comes to maintaining a commercial or residential property, building maintenance is only part of the battle -- your exterior greenery cannot be ignored. Indeed, the state of your landscape relates to the rest of your property. A neglected lawn can turn away customers and tenants and lead to environmental problems as well. While proper landscaping encompasses several duties and systems, irrigation is perhaps the most significant among them. That said, irrigation can be a complex subject in and of itself, and investing in the wrong processes can leave your lawn and your finances high and dry. Here’s what you need to know to make your grass -- and wallet -- greener.

Watering Woes

Even if you’re a novice regarding irrigation, the challenges of maintaining a well-watered lawn are probably apparent. Manual processes rely on human memory and technique, both of which are riddled with the potential for error. And whether the system is manual or automated, you still have to ensure that the right amount of water is dispersed at the proper intervals. Underwatering will cause a lawn to dry up, while overwatering wastes resources, can result in excessive weed growth, and may suffocate portions of your lawn.

What Irrigation Systems Have to Offer

Fortunately, many modern irrigation services and systems are designed to solve the potential problems mentioned above. The Hydrawise® irrigation control system, in particular, is optimized for individuals and businesses to keep their lawn healthy and beautiful with minimal manual effort and maximum cost savings. This Wi-Fi-enabled, automated irrigation system takes the human error, hassle, and guesswork out of lawn watering. Here are three key ways Hydrawise can keep your grass green and your wallet greener.

  1. Savings

Outdated irrigation methods are wasteful in more ways than one -- they waste time, water, and, ultimately, money. This waste is both bad for your bottom line and the environment. Hydrawise’s Smart Watering and Time-Based Predictive Watering® systems can save up to 50% in water usage by automating irrigation scheduling based on environmental data and self-adjusting watering duration. As such, Hydrawise makes a great addition to any business’ green landscaping protocols.

  1. Accuracy and Lawn Health

Because Hydrawise is Wi-Fi enabled, it can be viewed and controlled remotely via smart devices. The system delivers regular reports to those with permission, including real-time data on water usage, detailed scheduling, and controller logs that detect any problems with the system. All of this detailed information ensures that your lawn is well-maintained and keeps you in the loop at all times.

  1. Efficiency

Thirdly, the Hydrawise irrigation control system is highly efficient. As previously mentioned, it features predictive and programmable measures that prevent underwatering and overwatering by reacting to real-time data. This means you can let Hydrawise crunch the numbers and do the heavy lifting, leaving you and your employees to focus on different tasks and stay productive. If you’re in charge of condominium maintenance, commercial maintenance, or any other type of facility maintenance, why waste time, energy, resources, and money on outdated, inaccurate, inefficient irrigation processes? The long-term savings and aesthetic benefits of Hydrawise are well worth the initial investment in this system. This is why The Budd Group offers Hydrawise installation for our clients. Our green landscaping services include irrigation, landscape debris removal, fertilization, pest control, pruning, installations, and much more. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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