How to Tackle Maintenance Issues in Your Facility After the Winter

In many areas in the U.S., winter is the most demanding time of year for building maintenance. The harsh, cold weather can harm your property inside and out and leave it vulnerable to further problems. While you should pour plenty of resources into your maintenance efforts during the winter, don’t let your guard down once winter comes to an end. For one thing, you may need to pick up various pieces following a rough winter. Additionally, spring conditions can also pose a threat of a different nature to your facility. With that in mind, here’s how to tackle facility maintenance issues (and make key preparations) in your facility after winter.

Inspect Every Corner of Your Facility

Certain maintenance tasks can be difficult to pull off during the winter, especially if the season is particularly cold and stormy. You might not get the opportunity to assess damages and vulnerabilities on or inside your property until after winter has ended. That said, it’s important to tackle these inspections as soon as possible so you can gain a clearer understanding of your property’s strengths and weaknesses. Be thorough in your inspections by checking every exterior surface (i.e. building envelope, roofing, gutters, etc.) and interior space. Water damage is one of the most common issues property managers encounter following winter. Know what to look for and invest in all necessary repairs/replacements immediately.

Prepare Your Property for Spring and Summer Weather

The start of spring is exciting, but it can be treacherous, too. While you’ll no longer be dealing with snow and ice, you’ll likely face heavy rainfall, high winds, fluctuating temperatures (especially overnight), and more. The environmental threats don’t merely affect your facility’s exterior, either. Roof damage can allow water to seep into your building and cause mold and rot. Moreover, the gradual increase in temperatures means that you’ll need to adjust your HVAC system settings for greater efficiency (while you’re at it, now is a good time to change out your air filters). Warmer weather also means the resurgence of insects and other pests, which means it’s time to take pest control measures inside and outside your property. Taking these preventative measures will reduce the number and severity of issues you face in the spring and beyond.

CMMS Software Is Your Friend

If you run a large facility, it can be challenging to stay on top of every maintenance task. This is where a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) comes in handy. A competent CMMS will allow you to better organize your inventory, store documents digitally, automate regular maintenance tasks, create schedules for cleaning and janitorial services, provide an overview of your assets’ conditions, and much more. Simply put, a CMMS saves you time, energy, and money so you can maintain and optimize your facility throughout the year.

Don’t Leave Your Landscape Behind

Landscaping can be a bit of a coin toss during the winter -- ideally, you will have winterized your green spaces in the fall to protect them during the cold weather. No matter how well you prep your landscape for winter, however, some damage is to be expected. Fortunately, your lawn maintenance service can get your landscape back up and running for warmer weather as soon as the first thaw takes place, setting up your irrigation systems, fertilizing your soil, repairing damaged landscape components, and so much more. The sooner you get your landscape ready for spring and summer, the fewer problems you’ll run into.

Hire Reliable Property Maintenance Services

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that your facility experiences the least amount of issues following winter is to team up with a facility management specialist who’s willing and able to understand your particular needs while providing the necessary resources to protect your property and respond to pressing problems. At The Budd Group, our experience, wide range of service offerings, and focus on customer satisfaction allow us to tackle all maintenance issues your facility may have. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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