How to Get High-End Work and the Best Commercial Pressure Washing Prices

Keeping your business’ physical location in great shape while adhering to a tight budget is a common challenge. While the short-term costs of, say, commercial pressure washing can take a bite out of your budget, the long-term costs of neglecting such a task far exceed them. This doesn’t mean you want to overspend on pressure washing, of course. Ideally, you want to invest in high-end work for a competitive rate. Let’s explore how to lock in fair commercial pressure washing prices without sacrificing high-quality results.

How to Find Fair Commercial Pressure Washing Prices

Do Your Research on Commercial Pressure Washing Providers

It’s now easier than ever before to get the scoop on a given contractor. Both generalized and specialized review platforms offer a fair deal of insight on companies from previous customers. While not all reviews are created equal, you’ll come across at least a handful that tell you about the business’ various strengths and weaknesses. After you’ve found a few contenders with strong reputations, you can begin narrowing your search to contractors closest to you, as well as those that meet your specific needs (i.e., budget, scheduling, special requests). While you might be tempted to choose the cheapest option, consider that quality of results and longevity are equally as (if not more) important.

Know What Goes into a Pressure Washing Quote

Even after you’ve selected a few prime candidates, keep in mind that you won’t know the true price of the project until you’ve actually received some estimates. Before you compare quotes, it helps to know the factors that inform them. Indeed, commercial pressure washing rates are determined by several forces, such as local competition and demand, new-customer discounts (and other offers), seasonality, quality of equipment, level of experience, flat rate vs. hourly pricing, etc., not to mention the scope of the project itself (i.e., surface area that needs washing, types of surfaces, amount of grime/peeling paint, etc.). With these many factors in mind, you’ll be able to not only better anticipate what a given estimate will reveal, but also know which kinds of questions to ask a potential pressure washing contractor.

Prioritize Multi-Service Contractors

More often than not, the best commercial pressure washer pricing comes from full-service contractors. Pressure washing companies like The Budd Group also perform a wide range of facility maintenance services (such as janitorial, landscaping, window cleaning, facility support, and much more) can bundle services for their clients, reducing the overall cost of each individual task. For instance, we might include pressure washing as one part of a customer’s total property cleaning package, which may include landscaping, interior window washing, floor cleaning, repairs, and touch-ups, etc. By receiving numerous services under one roof, you save both time and money while also enjoying increased accountability. Multi-service companies are also more likely to come equipped with more experience and a larger pool of resources, making for more reliable and efficient processes.


Fair pricing and quality work aren’t inherent opposites. At The Budd Group, we strive to offer both benefits to our customers, whether it's commercial pressure washing services or facility maintenance. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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