How Post-Construction Clean-Up Protects Your Healthcare Facility's Reputation

Healthcare facilities must constantly keep the well-being of their patients and employees top of mind. To ensure the best possible care, these facilities periodically require renovation, expansion, repair, and other types of construction. At the same time, healthcare facilities must remain as clean and sterile as possible. These two crucial duties naturally conflict with one another -- after all, construction projects inherently make messes and produce plenty of dust and debris. As such, protecting your facility’s patients, staff, and reputation depends on careful planning and rigorous clean-up after construction, namely to remove dust and debris that may reduce indoor air quality (IAQ). This post-construction clean-up includes deeply cleaning walls, ceilings, floors, windows, air vents/ducts, light fixtures, and more, as well as removing trash, coverings, tape, and other materials.

Here’s how proper post-construction clean-up protects your healthcare facility’s reputation.

Benefits of Post-Construction Clean Up

Give Patients and Visitors Peace of Mind

Most healthcare facilities can’t afford to completely shut down during construction, meaning patients and visitors will still be on the premises while this process takes place and after it’s over. At the same time, routine healthcare cleaning must continue to occur. However, if your facility is littered with debris (whether outside, inside, or both), this daily cleaning may become encumbered and/or seen as less effective. In other words, you patients and their guests might not feel as if your facility is truly as clean as it should be to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Regardless of the veracity of this claim, prioritizing post-construction clean-up will reduce these seeds of doubt and make your people feel more comfortable during their stay. Ultimately, these efforts will result in stronger patient and visitor sentiment.

Minimize Distractions for Healthcare Staff

Your employees’ feelings toward your institution matter just as much as (if not more than) those of your patients and visitors. Simply put, few people enjoy working in a messy area, especially if maintaining a clean facility is such a high priority (which is especially true for healthcare centers). Not only are construction zones eyesores, but they can also be highly distracting when not properly contained and cleaned up, making it difficult for your staff to focus on their important jobs. When your employees can’t do their best work, this reflects poorly on your business. So, for the sake of your reputation, your facility management team must ensure that all employees have a safe, distraction-free environment to work in. Staying on top of post-construction clean-up is integral to achieving these goals.

Stay Compliant with Healthcare Facility Regulations

Patients, visitors, and employees aren’t the only groups your facility must please, of course. Healthcare facilities must also meet the expectations of various regulatory bodies to stay up and running. Remaining compliant with these entities is largely dependent on adhering to relevant cleaning guidelines for healthcare facilities. While these regulations primarily deal with day-to-day cleaning and disinfection protocols, post-construction cleaning plays a role here as well. Failing to perform efficient construction debris removal, for instance, can result in severe fines and other penalties. If your reputation takes enough of a hit in the eyes of these regulatory agencies, your business may be forced to shut down.

Post-construction clean-up is directly tied to your healthcare facility’s reputation, compliance, and health & safety. The Budd Group is here to help you stay in the good graces of your patients, visitors, employees, and officials with our multifaceted healthcare and post-construction cleaning services. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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