How a Janitorial Company Can Help Your Facility This Summer

While summer is a relaxing time for some, it’s the busiest season for many facilities across industries. And now that the U.S. economy is on track to explode after a challenging year, businesses everywhere must be prepared to handle a highly active summer. Covering all your bases (i.e., cleaning, staffing, scheduling, landscaping, etc.) can be a major challenge if you lack the necessary resources. Partnering up with a reliable janitorial company like The Budd Group can be a major boon for your facility this summer -- here’s how.

Maintain a Clean Interior and Exterior

The main duty of any janitorial provider is, of course, to keep a facility clean, sanitary, and safe for use. Your business might have in-house staffers to handle tasks like wiping down surfaces, sweeping floors, dusting, and so forth, but the increased activity that comes with summer might require you to outsource certain duties, especially more involved and specialized tasks. Professional janitorial cleaning services can take over daily cleaning roles if necessary while also providing deep cleaning, and disinfection, exterior power washing, interior and exterior window cleaning, steam cleaning, laundry services, parking lot cleaning, and much more.

Keep Rooms Stocked with Necessary Supplies

The best janitorial companies are more than reliable cleaners -- they’re also a direct conduit to key supplies that keep your facility operational, safe, and accommodating. This summer, you can count on there being an increase in restroom and lobby usage, so it’s important to keep these areas well-stocked with the proper equipment and amenities. And while the COVID-19 pandemic might be winding down, it will remain a threat for the foreseeable future, so it’s important to team up with a janitorial company that has access to COVID-19 supplies like hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves, and more.

Prevent Major Problems

Keeping a facility clean isn’t merely about appearances but also about maintenance. When areas and assets are neglected, they begin to wear down and eventually cause larger issues for your business. In addition to cleaning and stocking your facility, experienced janitorial maintenance services perform regular inspections and run tests to ensure that your workplace and its components are operational. As a result, your business will save time and money by enduring fewer costly repairs and remaining energy-efficient.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Scheduling can be especially difficult during the summer due to changes in customer activity, employee vacations, seasonal turnover, and so on. To make matters more complicated, many commercial cleaning duties must be performed outside of normal hours (i.e., after closing or long before opening). The more flexibility you can find in your janitorial providers, the better. At The Budd Group, we have teams willing and able to be deployed whenever they’re needed, so your facility remains in tip-top shape all summer long and beyond.

Go Beyond Janitorial Duties

Summertime brings forth other considerations for your facility, such as landscaping, seasonal support, and more. Though many janitorial companies merely provide the basic range of services you might expect, others like The Budd Group go above and beyond the cleaning and maintenance tasks and offer full facility support. Indeed, our landscaping services can keep your exterior looking fresh via trimming, pruning, mowing, seasonal color installations, irrigation, and more. And our facility support services can help you recruit, hire, and train personnel for various positions that you may need to fill this summer.

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