Seasonal Color and Installation

Properties with vibrant, inviting colors just outside their doors set themselves apart from the rest. Whether you run a business and want to attract customers or you simply want to beautify your landscape, investing in a seasonal color program is in your best interest. Seasonal color and installation are included in The Budd Group’s landscaping services. Our landscaping pros are determined to enhance the health and aesthetic of our clients’ unique green spaces year-round.

What is Meant by Seasonal Color?

Nature has a way of exhibiting various colors throughout the year, expressed by different types of foliage. Each season has its share of unique organic life that varies in color, shape, texture, and more. Seasonal color refers to the viable plant life during a given span of time and in a particular region. In autumn you’ll find chrysanthemums and sage; in winter you might see snowdrops and holly; spring brings daffodils and lilac; and summer is filled with begonia, lilies, and hydrangeas (and much more, of course). Installing seasonal foliage on and around your property allows you to outfit your business or residence with natural beauty that suits the season and captures outside attention.

Bed Prep and Seasonal Change-Outs

In order to keep your property’s plant life vibrant and viable, installations must be changed out at the proper times. In order to achieve successful change-outs, our landscaping experts conduct thorough plant bed preparation and ensure all relevant systems are in order. This process involves steps, such as:

  • Inspecting irrigation systems to make sure new plantings receive the proper nutrition
  • Pulling out flowers and other plant material  (landscape debris removal) from the previous season that will be replaced by new plantings
  • Breaking up the soil via tillers and other equipment
  • Installing soil, fertilizer, and pre-emergent products to enrich the soil and aid in pest control
  • Installing new flowers and plant material to ensure proper root growth

We typically install new seasonal color about 3-4 days after the beds have been prepped.

Celebrate seasonal changes while maintaining a stunning exterior with our seasonal color and installation program.

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