Driving Engagement with Outdoor Signs

Every customer-facing business must make it their mission to encourage as much foot traffic as possible during operating hours. Many elements go into this effort, such as reputation management, outbound, and inbound marketing, customer service, and more. As you make moves to acquire more customers, don’t underestimate the power of strong outdoor signage. An eye-catching sign isn’t just for a grand opening (or grand reopening) or major sale event, either -- the best outdoor signs are permanent/semi-permanent fixtures that capture customer attention, reflect your brand, and, ultimately, drive more engagement for your business. Here’s how to get the most out of your outdoor signage.

Less is More for Outdoor Signage…

The first and most important rule for sign design is to keep it simple. Note that most people will be driving past your sign, so if it’s too wordy or difficult to read in general, they won’t have the time to process it. Your outdoor sign should send a clear, digestible message while standing out from the crowd. To achieve this, design your sign with a simple color scheme that features a stark contrast between the background and lettering/logo, and make sure the text is concise and clear with an easily readable font. With this approach, you’ll attract more eyes and get your message across to more people.

...But Go Big Where it Counts

Less might be more for signage in terms of design, but bigger is often better for visibility. Depending on your location, you might need to reach eyes from a significant distance, which means your outdoor sign needs big, bold lettering. The stark color contrast mentioned earlier will further aid in clarifying the contents of your sign for those far away. You might not be able to make your sign as big as you’d like if your business is relatively small, but do the best you can to ensure people can see it at various distances.

Match Your Brand

Optimal outdoor signage isn’t just about capturing customer attention for the sake of it -- your sign should also indicate the identity and atmosphere of your business. It doesn’t matter how many eyeballs your sign reaches if it isn’t an accurate reflection of your brand (even a temporary office reopening sign should check this box). If there’s a mismatch between these elements, you might fail to reach your target demographic and disappoint those who do enter your business expecting to find something else. To drive the most valuable engagement, then make sure your sign represents your business to a tee.

Location Counts

A bold, beautiful, well-branded outdoor sign won’t do much for your business if it’s placed in a sub-optimal location. In order to drive the most engagement with your signs, you must think strategically about where you place them and how they’re angled. Every scenario is different, but generally speaking, your sign should directly face an area that experiences the most traffic (whether on foot or in a vehicle) and allows people to digest what the sign says. Finding the optimal location for your sign can take time and research, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Don’t Let Your Sign Decay

Finally, you have to take good care of your outdoor signs if you want them to continue benefiting your business. Harsh weather and normal wear and tear can do a number on your signage, making it less visible and discernible over time. If you fail to keep up with sign maintenance (and building maintenance more broadly), this will reflect poorly on your business -- your outdoor sign will now indicate to onlookers that you don’t respect your business or your customers, even if this is not the case. So, invest in a routine sign cleaning regimen, and don’t forget to maintain the rest of your exterior as well. Keeping these surfaces clean will keep customers engaged in your business, prolong the lifespan of your outdoor sign(s), and ensure that your signs remain bold, bright, and visible.

Signing Up for Success

A business’ outdoor signage can have a major impact on its engagement, foot traffic, and overall success. Don’t let your signs fall by the wayside. At The Budd Group, our commercial property maintenance services are holistic, including routine sign cleaning, landscaping, painting, repairs, and so much more. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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