Can You Afford Janitorial Services?

Many small businesses operate at a loss or just scrape by for several years before turning a serious profit. Therefore, small business owners will seek every possible way to cut costs without jeopardizing the essential aspects of the business. Of course, what is “essential” may differ from one business to the next. Still, every business needs to stay clean and safe for employees and customers. If you’re pinching pennies just to stay afloat, you might wonder if hiring janitorial services is even possible. Before you rule it out, consider these three things.

Space: How Big is Your Office or Workplace?

The size of your workplace is perhaps the biggest factor in deciding whether or not it’s necessary to hire janitorial cleaning services. The logic here is simple. The more space you have, the more there is to clean. If you only have a few employees under your belt, you might not have enough manual power to perform all the necessary cleaning duties. However, if your workplace is smaller, you might be able to handle basic cleaning on your own. This would include wiping down surfaces, sanitizing restrooms, dusting, etc. While these smaller cleaning tasks are important, there are things that quality janitorial services can do that you might not be able to do on your own. These companies will have access to more powerful or safer chemicals and modern equipment for deep cleaning.

Work Duties and Personnel

As mentioned above, you have to consider how many people you have on board, and what they’re capable of doing on a given day. While more hands are always better, relegating cleaning duties to employees who have other roles can hurt your overall productivity. You could always hire someone specifically designated for cleaning duties, but then you have to consider scheduling within your hours of operation and add someone else to the payroll who might not have special knowledge in cleaning. This might be a waste in the end.

Can You Afford Not To Hire Janitorial Services?

It requires some mental math and long-term thinking, but you have to keep opportunity costs in mind. These are the costs that come from choosing one task over another (such as taking an employee away from their regular job to clean the restrooms, etc.). But there are other hidden costs to not hiring janitorial companies. These costs come from potential problems down the road involving improper cleaning methods, neglect, and poor maintenance. If something goes seriously wrong, you might end up writing a bigger check than you would have on commercial cleaning costs for the year (or multiple years). Plus, you have to deal with the headache caused by such issues, as well as the potential lost business due to closing your doors temporarily. Obviously, a lot goes into whether or not you decide to hire janitorial services. Consider your business’ needs, its capacity, and its budget. And don’t just think short-term. Long-term thinking will serve you and your business better in the end. If you come to the conclusion that hiring these services makes sense, you’ll want to hire only the best janitorial services available. Look no further than The Budd Group. We provide businesses of all kinds with highly-trained workers and customer-oriented services. To learn more about us and all the services we offer, call us today at 800-221-8158!

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