When is the Best Time to Apply Commercial Floor Wax to a School's Gymnasium?

Your school’s gymnasium floors must be in proper shape to endure high levels of activity and keep students, staff, and guests safe at all times. Stripping and waxing your gym floors about every 12-18 months (or as needed) protects them from abrasions, spills, discoloration, and more while providing a smooth, slip-resistant, easy to clean surface for everyone to enjoy. Of course, any form of commercial floor maintenance takes time and inevitably interferes with a room’s standard operations -- stripping and waxing are no exceptions. The entire process can take up to 72 hours from start to finish when you factor in proper curing time. With that in mind, when exactly is the best time to apply commercial floor wax to your school’s gym floors?

The Best Times to Apply Commercial Floor Wax to Your Gym

When School’s Out

The most sensible time to wax your school’s gym floors is when school is out of session (typically sometime between June and September, though this varies by district). During these summer months, your gym won’t be in constant use for classes, assemblies, practices, athletic events, etc., allowing commercial flooring contractors to properly strip and wax the entirety of the floor without causing disruption.

Keep in mind, however, that just because normal classes are on hiatus doesn’t mean your school’s gym will be completely out of use. Events and activities sponsored by the school and other community entities may still use your school’s gym for various purposes throughout summer vacation. Fortunately, most sporting activities during the summer are held outdoors, so you should still have a window of time to properly wax your gym floors while indoor sports are less active. Pay attention to your gym’s schedule and plan this project well in advance so everyone remains on the same page.

Wax Floors Overnight

Regardless of the given day(s) you select to wax your gym floors, it’s often best to get it done overnight, especially if your gym sees frequent use. In most cases, your school gym will already be closed down past a certain point in the evening and won’t reopen until the next morning or afternoon. This stretch of uninterrupted time is perfect for commercial flooring services to tackle the brunt of preparation, stripping, and waxing. Note that you might need to keep your gym floors off-limits for another day or two depending on the recommended cure time for the wax you’re using. Also, make sure the flooring professionals you hire are willing and able to work at these odd hours.

Applying Commercial Floor Wax on the Weekends

If your school’s gym floors rarely get a break (even over the summer) or they must receive fresh wax during the school year, aim to get it done over the weekend, preferably a long weekend or holiday. In most cases, a three-day weekend should provide ample time to prepare, strip, and wax floors, as well as allow them to completely dry and cure so they’re ready for use once more. Try to choose a weekend where your school’s gym won’t be used for games, practices, or other events.

Time to Wax Your School’s Gym Floors?

You can’t take commercial floor care for granted in your educational facility. When your gym floors require fresh coats of wax, partner with a company that can work with your unique schedule. At The Budd Group, we do our best to meet your clients’ needs in every way and use the most efficient processes to get your facility back up and running. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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