What Is the Best Commercial Electric Pressure Washer for Your Old Church?

Old churches are often pillars of their communities. If you want your place of worship to continue standing strong, you must prioritize periodic maintenance. Maintaining a clean exterior isn’t just a matter of keeping up appearances -- it’s also essential for staving off mold, mildew, and generally protecting your church from environmental decay. A high-quality pressure washer offers the most efficient means for cleaning your church exterior, but not just any machine will do. Old churches are often built from brick, stone, and wood -- materials that can quickly become damaged by pressure washing under the wrong circumstances. To keep your old church in great shape, you must hire contractors who know what they’re doing and make sure they’re using the right equipment for the job.

When looking for the best commercial electric pressure washer to clean your old church, here are some key features to consider.

Variable Heat and Pressure Settings

Pressure washing can entail the use of either hot or cold water, depending on the situation. High heat is great for removing stubborn grime from surfaces, but these scorching temperatures can damage old surfaces. That said, a dedicated cold commercial pressure washer might not always deliver the power you need to completely clean your church’s exterior. Therefore, the right pressure washer for your church might be one that offers both hot and cold water options. This way, you can deploy hot water when it’s needed and keep things cool for more sensitive areas.

Good Mobility

Many older churches have plenty of surface area to cover. Cleaning such large buildings is much easier if your commercial pressure washing device can easily move from one location to the next. As such, opt for an electric pressure washer that’s relatively lightweight and features sturdy wheels. Also, make sure you’re equipped with a long, high-quality extension cord that’s compatible with your machine.

PSI Ratings of 1500 or Higher

Next, you want to choose an electric pressure washer strong enough to blast away dirt, debris, mold, and other contaminating materials sticking to your church’s exterior. Generally speaking, a machine that offers pressure levels of 1500 psi (pounds per square inch) or higher should be enough to do the trick. Once again, keep in mind that too much pressure at too close a distance can damage materials like masonry and wood -- professional commercial pressure washing services will know which settings to use in a given situation, as well as where to stand and how to angle the nozzle for optimal results and safety.

Flow Rates of at Least 3 GPM

A pressure washer’s rate of flow (i.e., how much water flows from the nozzle in a given time period) is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). To properly clean your old church’s surfaces, you’ll want a device that offers a flow rate of no less than 3 GPM. Flow rates of 3 and higher will provide plenty of water during the washing process.

Made from Quality Powder-Coated Steel

No matter what you’re cleaning, your commercial electric pressure washer must be built to endure its surrounding environment and functionality (i.e., high pressures and temperatures). Machines made from high-quality powder-coated steel deliver enhanced longevity and protect against moisture, sunlight, abrasions, impact, and more.

Finding the Best Electric Pressure Washer for Commercial Use

A cursory online search will reveal countless pressure washing devices that range in shape, size, durability, functionality, portability, capacity, power method, and much more. Now that you know which factors to look for in a pressure washer for your old church, you can more easily narrow your search. Better yet, the commercial pressure washing experts at The Budd Group have access to many types of pressure washers and will select the best one for the task at hand. So, when it’s time to clean your old church’s exterior, we at The Budd Group know exactly which equipment to use and how to use it.

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