Update Your Gym with Commercial Rubber Flooring

The flooring you select for your athletic facility is foundational for its ongoing success. No amount of high-quality equipment or services can make up for worn down, uncomfortable, and/or unsafe floors. Different gyms may be outfitted with different types of flooring, but rubber remains the most common choice for more reasons than one. Indeed, rubber floors suit gym settings perhaps better than any other type of flooring. Let’s explore in more detail why you should consider updating your gym with commercial rubber flooring.

How to Maintain Gym Flooring

What to Look for in Gym Flooring

Before we get into the perks of commercial rubber floors, it helps to itemize the key features to look for in gym flooring. For starters, athletic facility flooring must be durable to withstand regular levels of extreme activity and heavy equipment, and potential impact. The floors you choose for your gym must also promote a safe and welcoming environment for exercise. Your floors should also be easy to clean and maintain to help you keep a strong reputation and ease the burden on your budget and commercial floor cleaning services. Affordability is also important, especially if your facility operates on a tight budget. Last but not least, you want to select aesthetically pleasing floors to attract and retain members.

Advantages of Commercial Rubber Flooring

Sure enough, commercial rubber floors meet all of the above requirements and more. Not only are rubber floors durable, safe, easy to clean, and relatively cheap to install -- they’re also shock- and sound-absorbent, come in a variety of thicknesses and colors, and are quick and easy to install by experienced commercial flooring contractors. As such, you can pick out the precise type of rubber flooring for your gym and rest assured that it will stand strong, provide a safe and comfortable experience, and not decimate your budget.

Maintaining Your Gym’s Rubber Flooring

As mentioned above, rubber floors are relatively easy to maintain, in no small part thanks to their antimicrobial, chemical-resistant properties. That said, it’s important to know how to properly care for your gym’s rubber flooring before having it installed, so you’re prepared for anything. This commercial floor care includes daily vacuuming to pick up dirt and debris, and weekly (at least) mopping depending on your facility’s amount of foot traffic; it also includes periodic deeper cleaning using a wet vac. You might have your in-house janitorial services handle these tasks or outsource your floor cleaning duties to a provider like The Budd Group. Either way, taking proper care of your rubber floors will ensure their longevity, beauty, safety, and ongoing functionality.

A Rubber Match

With so many types of flooring available for commercial gym settings, it’s easy to get lost. Not to worry, the experts at The Budd Group can help you find the right match for your particular needs and goals. Moreover, we can provide facility support to keep your floors in great shape for the sake of your reputation, building, employees, and customers. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!!

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